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The State Bureau for letters selected two key service reception lawyer letters – Beijing for the first time from 6 firms in Beijing city selected two key service personnel to petition the State Bureau for letters of attorney reception from August this year, the State Bureau for letters came to the reception hall of the letters were found here suddenly two more liberating people. They are invited to participate in the State Bureau of letters and visits to receive the first batch of lawyers. This group of lawyers a total of 24 people, each class in the way of 2 people on duty. The lawyer involved in the reception, there are also many attempts around. Lawyers involved in the reception work what are the advantages? The visiting people are buying it? What is the role of promoting the separation of litigation and consultation? Reporters interviewed the relevant person in charge of the State Bureau of letters. To participate in the third party, the day of the day of the day of the reception of lawyers in the reception of the masses in the process of petition reception, duty lawyer can play a role in the 22? It is understood that after the official start settled, only one day in August 31st, on duty lawyers received the 22 batch of people. Shi Fumao, deputy director of Beijing Cheng Cheng law firm is the first to participate in the work of the State Bureau of letters and visits of lawyers. On the two day of duty, Fu Mao received the 23 batch of visitors from different parts of the country. "We should fully respect the visitor’s demands, but also the objective analysis, according to the law to guide, specify the path, through the professional knowledge of law to resolve the visitor’s dissatisfaction and knot." Different from the case when the agent, Linfair in liberating process, in addition to legal professional ability, listen patiently, dispel misunderstanding, psychological counseling is very important. In addition to providing legal advice and other services to the masses of visitors, to participate in the reception of the lawyer also combined with the actual work of the petition made a lot of advice. In the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the party’s Fourth Plenary Session of the petition into the orbit of the rule of law put forward clear requirements, the central political and Law Commission of lawyers to participate in the reception and issued a special document to resolve the petition problem. According to reports, the Beijing Lawyers Association recommended, the Justice Department, the State Bureau for letters for the first time from the 6 law firms in the city of Beijing selected 24 lawyers joined the reception team, including the national labor medal, the national top ten public interest lawyers, national legal aid advanced individuals. Recently, the Ministry of justice, the State Bureau of letters and visits to participate in the reception of the work of the lawyer training. Currently, after the formal settlement of these lawyers, focused on the reception of the two types of visitors: first, the staff think it is necessary to be received by the lawyer, and the two is the petition to take the initiative to ask counsel. Guide the masses to consciously express their demands through legal procedures, rely on legal means to resolve disputes, the use of legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests." Deputy director, deputy secretary of the State Bureau for letters party Zhang Enxi said, practice has proved that the lawyers in the legal services of the third party involved in the petition reception, easy to get the trust of the masses, is conducive to better understanding, to dispel misunderstanding for the mass petition. Try the government procurement legal services, lawyers incentive normalization normalization is introduced liberating lawyers involved in liberating precedents in fact. In recent years, many parts of the country and the Department of the introduction of lawyers involved in the petition work, to provide legal advice and services to the masses and the relevant departments. Reporter Cong相关的主题文章: