Beijing second-hand housing transactions into the trough of the property market is return of Sohu ne-9c8921

Beijing second-hand housing transactions into the trough of the property market is return of Sohu JINGWAH News Times cartography Xie Yao Beijing from September 30th introduction of market regulation deal has been in the past month. As of yesterday, statistics from the real estate agency shows that Beijing new and second-hand housing market cooling, the new deal has been formed to significantly suppress the market turnover, new home prices rose is obviously restricted, second-hand housing prices began to stabilize local listings down trend. At present, the purpose of the policy has been achieved. The industry is widely expected, from now until next year before and after the Spring Festival, new houses and second-hand housing market will be in a relatively low trough. JINGWAH Times reporter Pan Xiulin fell into 4 new home transaction data supply by 6 according to Yue Jun Yahao statistical data show that in October (as of 30), Beijing new commodity housing (excluding low-income housing and housing) a total turnover of 8508 units last month, reduced by 41%, the volume to create nearly 5 months low. At the same time, in October Beijing commercial housing transaction price of 35449 yuan per square meter, the chain fell by 3%. Albert I love my family’s data show that in October, in addition to self occupied commercial housing, all kinds of new houses are trading volume decline. As of 29, apartment type products in October trading volume of 5100 units, compared with the month of September fell by $43.3%; ordinary residential turnover of 2367 units, compared with the month of September fell by 48.8%. Owner occupied commercial housing transaction volume has increased, turnover of 470 units, an increase of September over the whole month of the chain of 39.1%. In the regional distribution, Daxing District to 1917 sets of trading volume, accounting for the proportion of the first in the city, Fangshan District, Shunyi District, separated by two or three, the volume of transactions are over a thousand, Pinggu occupy the top fourth. From the "9 to 30" new deal full moon data, the new house turnover is very obvious decline, the transaction price change is relatively small. Deputy general manager of Asian high Ren Qixin analysts believe that the new deal after the rapid decline in turnover, on the one hand is affected by the reduction in effective demand; on the other hand, is restricted by the supply of "short circuit". After the new deal, the differentiation of market demand, the majority of customers to buy is not urgent choice to watch, especially the need to "sell buy old new" involving serial transaction needs to improve, due to the "sell the old" to link in the expected price transferring, also makes the "buy new" home ownership scheme postponed. From the supply point of view, the Asian high statistics show, October Beijing residential market only 9 projects pre-sale permit, added the sale of 2965 units, a decrease of 64%, the supply created in addition to the Spring Festival in February monthly low, a serious shortage of supply, but also directly lead to low turnover in October. Such a situation will continue in the coming months. November is expected to enter the market is only about 10, and after the year of December, in January, in February, new year’s day to the Spring Festival holiday period, is still the traditional property market sales season. In the meantime, the shortage of supply will continue to stabilize the transaction price. Large size of second-hand housing turnover to improve the proportion of small Huxing turnover.相关的主题文章: