Beijing postal rumor admission notice sent to Zhao Zhiwei to Xiaoxibushi Beijing –

Beijing postal rumor: Zhao Zhiwei cannot reach the admission notice Xiaoxibushi Beijing – Beijing Morning News Hotline news (reporter Konka) "Ciqu post office Zhao Zhiwei petroleum university admission notice, the phone is wrong, know the child please inform us as soon as possible, do not delay the child to go to school!" School season approaching, a notice on the admission of love posts on the Internet is widely spread. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter contacted the Tongzhou District canal post, the other said the message is not true. Reporter online search found love stick in Zhao Zhiwei’s address "xintaizi Tieling" and "Urumqi Wujiaqu" and "Ningxia Haiyuan county" in different places. The reporter contacted the two users forwarding the message, said one person in WeChat group see the post after forwarding, another person said that after seeing micro-blog come forward, "fingertips forward, also help children". Yesterday, the reporter contacted the phone in the love paste mentioned in the Tongzhou canal post, the staff said the post is not true. "You have seen this information on the Internet, all false, we do not have such an e-mail, nor Zhao Zhao Zhi Wei this person." Reporters found that more than and 10 days ago, a similar Wang Yuxiong admission notice is also widely spread on the internet. Micro-blog police Quanzhou police network inspection of law enforcement on the release of information about the rumor said, Zhao Zhiwei, Wang Yuxiong online university admission notice sent to all parts of the country to the false news. Clues: Mr. Ma相关的主题文章: