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Beijing Pinggu 4 village home by Matera punished – Beijing Channel – original title: Pinggu 4 home village by Matera punished the newspaper news (reporter Sun Ying) today, the Commission website informed the discipline inspection organs at all levels investigated 72 cases of violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, involving Beijing 3, Pinggu District 4 village because of a construction company to accept the invitation Matera travel, by the party warning. In December 2015, Pinggu Dahua Town West long village Party branch deputy secretary and village committee director Liang Zihui, members of the Party branch and village committee, village committee members Zhang Shulan Liang Zisheng and Xing Wenqing 6 people, received a construction company invitation to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia tourism ten days, all the expenses shall be borne by the construction company. Liang Zihui, Zhang Shulan, Liang Zisheng and Xing Wenqing were respectively warned by the party. In December 2015, Huairou union deputy researcher Hu Qingsen for her wedding invitation, the District Federation of cadres and workers of 37 people attended the 3 banquet tables; in January 23, 2016, once again held a wedding banquet, invite the town of union cadres 11 people attended, 1 banquet tables. Two illegal accepting 47 gifts, totaling 20 thousand and 700 yuan. Hu Qingsen was severely warned by the party. In November 2015, the Changping District funeral home business of illegal use of funds, the purchase of 86 down jacket for workers and cooperative unit personnel; in February 2016, the purchase of 154 Zhang hot ticket for the workers, at the same time to cooperative unit 25 tickets and packages, clothing and other gifts. Two times total expenditure of 15.63 yuan. Sun Yuanbing, the Party branch secretary and curator of the funeral home, was severely warned by the party. X133 (commissioning editor Yin Xingyun and Gao Xing)

北京平谷4村官受邀游新马泰受处分–北京频道–人民网 原标题:平谷4村官受邀游新马泰受处分   本报讯(记者孙颖)中纪委网站今天通报了各级纪检监察机关查处的72起违反中央八项规定精神问题,涉及北京3起,其中平谷区4村官因接受某建筑公司邀请赴新马泰旅游,受到党内警告处分。   2015年12月,平谷区大华山镇西长峪村党支部副书记兼村委会主任梁自会、党支部委员兼村委会委员张淑兰、村委会委员梁自生和邢文清等6人,接受某建筑公司邀请,前往泰国、新加坡、马来西亚旅游十天,全部费用由该建筑公司承担。梁自会、张淑兰、梁自生、邢文清分别受到党内警告处分。   2015年12月,怀柔区总工会副调研员胡庆森为女儿举办婚宴,邀请区总工会干部职工37人参加,设宴3桌;2016年1月23日,再次举办婚宴,邀请镇乡工会干部11人参加,设宴1桌。两次违规收受47人礼金,共计2.07万元。胡庆森受到党内严重警告处分。   2015年11月,昌平区殡仪馆违规使用经营资金,为职工和协作单位人员购买86件羽绒服;2016年2月,为职工购买154张某温泉门票,同时送给协作单位25张门票以及包、服装等礼品。两次共计支出15.63万余元。殡仪馆党支部书记、馆长孙远兵受到党内严重警告处分。 X133 (责编:尹星云、高星)相关的主题文章: