Beijing Lianzhuang 9 car killed 1 people claiming to be the drunk tried to remember broken pieces-gamelink

Beijing Lianzhuang 9 car killed 1 people claiming to be "the drunk tried to remember a broken piece of Korean drunk driving on the road, in the event of an accident with a taxi, Mr. Han did not accept the police honest treatment, but Audi stopped the car through the next car, and drove off the scene of the incident. In the escape process, Han driving and car collision, and injured two people, one of the passers-by died due to his injuries. This has aroused widespread concern in the community. Yesterday, on suspicion of affray crime and the crime of endangering public safety, Han in the city court trial (Figure). Beijing Morning Post reporter was informed that the case was not in court for sentencing. Charge: morning driving butt died according to the prosecutor accused the defendant Han in July 18, 2015 9 pm, a large number of driving after drinking the black Passat sedan traveling to Chaoyang District home to spend a rendezvous at the intersection of the southwest side, and the retrograde driving Zhang taxi collided in Mr. Zhang on vehicle accident photo evidence, Han the insults, threats, chasing. After the Han and intercepted a normal driving Audi cars, and armed the Audi car windshield smashed. Han’s above behavior, causing a large number of onlookers, and lead to serious road congestion. During the disposal of the police at the scene, regardless of South Korea to stop driving Audi forced to leave. Han drove away in the process of flower near the northeastern side of the roundabout and the victim Liu in Chaoyang District parked on the roadside taxi collision, the victim Mr. Hou, causing the car Jetta car parked with the adjacent victim Mr. Lu the Vitz car has the collision. Since then, Mr. Han drove madness fled, and with a car, a golf, a Cruze and a taxi one after another collision. Worse, Mr. Han’s madness in addition to hit 9 cars, pedestrians will Ms. Wu and Mr. White hit, Mr. White died. After South Korea due to the destruction of the Audi car and was rushed to the scene of the police arrested on the spot. After testing, South Korea after appearing in court a blood alcohol content for 144.1mg 100ml. After the identification, han to these 9 cars caused economic losses of up to more than 18 yuan. According to the indictment, Mr. Han in public drunkenness, abused, beaten, blocking others, any damage to the property of others, causing serious disorder in public places, vile crime, serious consequences, great harm to society. Han mouming known drunk driving would endanger the public safety, the traffic accident has occurred in the case, continue to drive the vehicle along the continuous collision of pedestrians and vehicles, resulting in 1 deaths, 1 people were injured, many cars are damaged, the circumstances of the crime, serious consequences, subjective vicious, harm, Han’s behavior has violated me in the "criminal law" provisions, should be to disturb the crime and the crime of endangering public safety, shall be prosecuted for criminal responsibility. Witness: stop to grab Audi car crazy before smashing the glass was the taxi driver Zhang said, on the day 9 points, he is driving to the home to spend with Wang Hua Road near the intersection, a car suddenly retrograde to your side of the Passat driveway and his taxi collided. "I had two shots on my car相关的主题文章: