Beijing, China – VIDEO – Meng Fei debut if you are not a fan of the Tokyo fans will meet beauty cabl vidalia

Beijing – VIDEO – Meng Fei unveiled If You Are The One fans meeting in Tokyo beauty fans claims to hold Meng Fei debut If You Are The One fans meeting in Tokyo beauty fan cable hold [comment] in October 22nd, "Fukuoka KISS" If You Are The One edge to Japan special? Tokyo station and Meng Fei fan meeting in Japan Tokyo kicked off. Meng Fei, the protagonist of the meeting will interact with fans, will meet the atmosphere to climax. Meng Fei at the meeting may next Xu, I hope we can hold second times, third times Japan concert. "Edge to be the one" in Japan, there are quite a number of overseas Chinese, Meng Fei in Japan is also numerous powder. The meeting, it is good to see Meng grandfather one day ahead of the day came from Kyoto iron powder. Fans of the most exciting moment is also looking forward to most with their idols. On the meeting, the organizers invited 5 fans of the most popular Japanese special audition process and Meng Fei came close exchanges, each also received a Meng Fei autographed book "lucky". And in the face of the beauty of the fans embrace, Meng Fei refused to be able to provoke the fans screaming again and again. [scene] [comment] in the process of communication with the guests, Meng Fei said, "through the" edge to If You Are The One in many countries, each country of the overseas Chinese will be affected by the local culture, but the Chinese in Japan, especially can fight particularly hard". Meng Fei himself said that the marriage needs of overseas Chinese in Japan is persistent, he is very much looking forward to the next second, held a special session of the Japanese third. In addition, the meeting will also set up a non sincere guests small reunion link. Through the "edge to non – Japan train successfully hand female guests and male guests Yin Enzhi Chen Ling, as well as Chinese male audience favorite Japanese female guests love Takuma also came to the scene to interact," non – small reunion guests also let the atmosphere warm. The Tokyo report (Japanese Mandarin TV picture)相关的主题文章: