Beichen City, together with the scrap experts to promote the industry to enter the sun scrapped era -aquaria

Beichen city and scrap experts to join hands to promote the industry to enter the era of sunshine scrapped in September – 9, Beichen, and scrap experts signed a strategic cooperation agreement. This cooperation, the two sides announced jointly build Beichen city of Asia – car green circular hall (hereinafter referred to as the "scrap hall"), this will be the first set of Chinese car scrapping service, advanced automotive environmental technology exhibition and automobile culture as one of the car scrapping service hall, also known as the "mark China car barometer" Beichen city will complete the first domestic auto trade and service closed loop. Wang Xiaobo, general manager of Beichen City, said that with the surge in the number of car ownership, scrap car industry will enter the era of blowout, and the industry scattered, chaotic, poor status quo, making the owners scrapped no doors. Scrap experts in the industry took the lead through the Internet Pathfinder, has established a reliable and professional service channel, therefore, together with the experts established scrap scrap hall is the first step in Beichen City wading industry scrap. Wang Xiaobo, general manager of Beichen Asian city, it is learned that the retirement of experts by the well-known investor,, jointly established by the Beijing environment exchange, is currently the only official designated retirement platform. Since last December formally launched, has always been committed to providing owners with environmentally friendly, safe, convenient and efficient one-stop car scrap service, help car recycling of resources. At present, China’s car ownership reached 184 million, scrap motor vehicle recycling of 1 million 870 thousand, accounting for car ownership of 1.09%, compared with the level of foreign countries mature 6%-8%, scrap car recycling rate significantly lower. On the other hand, according to the average number of years of life of the domestic car 10-15 years, the next 3 years, the scrap car industry will usher in a blowout. From the point of view of the owner of the "scrap experts actual demand and industry trends, seize the owners and industry pain points, deep in this industry, polished service experience, to provide users with sunshine scrap service experience." Lai Xiaoling said that the end of the car is our starting point. Scrap expert CEO Lai Xiaoling, according to sources, Beichen, Asia • • automotive green recycling exhibition hall will be completed in October. Then, scrap experts have always advocated a "simple and efficient, a scrap" and the concept of "best customer experience" will fall, cooperation between the two sides will integrate the advantages of resources, is committed to the Beichen City sub – Automotive green circular exhibition industry to create the benchmark of "sunshine scrap" platform. Specifically, Beichen City sub – car exhibition hall will be dominated by the green recycling scrap service, for the owners to provide convenient and efficient services for the owners and scrapped, the popularity of scrapped vehicle owners knowledge, cultivate the concept of environmental protection and disposal behavior, thus promoting the scrapped car industry to become more standardized and transparent. Beichen City General Manager Wang Xiaobo said in an interview, "Beichen city – car green recycling hall and Beichen City, the new car trading second-hand car trading, automobile service business closely buckled, formed the first domestic complete auto trade and service ecological closed-loop, is expected to become the new model of national automobile market." According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides in addition to the field of the field of scrap cars, will jointly explore.相关的主题文章: