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Beginners! How to become the trendsetter photography with the continuous improvement of living standards in a short period of time, people are willing to leave a part of the event of high force things. For example: photography is not only improve the force added temperament activity, and many friends of photography, in which it like. But for beginners learning photography friends, taking pictures of the "basic skills" is the hard truth, in order to buddy many suffer from lack of understanding of photography, the author collected a large amount of this knowledge, we hope to be able to help. A game player, entry into the class three Raiders, fix the first one: the use of macro photography teleconverters actually use all teleconverters friends all know, after connecting Teleconverter, the camera can put things in the distance is larger, the same, when you shoot, with teleconverters recently, the camera focus distance will not change, so it can make shooting objects greater than the original. But it is used, there is a limit and two shortcomings. Limit: is only used in the macro ability of the camera, or in the long end of the zoom camera. Because the macro ability too strong macro DC, often in the wide-angle section, the distance often reached 1~2cm, after connecting teleconverters, take macro, may not be able to focus. For SLR cameras, due to focus on the original distance is relatively large, so do not need to care about this problem. Disadvantages: 1, teleconverters after use, the aperture of the lens will become small, although the camera will not be displayed on the numerical aperture, camera camera according to the beta light results, there is no problem. But in fact, the real numerical aperture, should be multiplied by the numerical aperture display by multiple telescope: for example, a lens in the connection of 2× after teleconverters, when using the aperture is F2.8 when the actual numerical aperture is 2.8× 2=5.6. This time, although according to the metering result, still can shoot, but because of the smaller aperture, focal length becomes longer, this time, the shutter speed will slow down to the holding time, probably because of slight shaking and fuzzy degree, so it is best to use three tripod to ensure a clear picture. 2, the distance from the mirror is often not light, a little weight oh. So then, the camera is easy to top-heavy, even on the three foot cannot absolutely guarantee the smooth, press the shutter time, shock, also can cause shooting failure, it is best to use the self timer, or shutter line shooting. Reduce the vibration to a minimum. The second recruit: the use of a close-up lens, in fact, is a convex lens. There are three pieces of a group, but also a monolithic. There are +1, +2, +3, +4 and other specifications, the greater the value, the greater the magnification. Can be used in a single chip can also be superimposed on the use of very flexible. Advantages: little investment, generally 200~300 yuan, you can buy a group. Flexible and flexible, lenses, after all, not as much as the distance from the mirror volume. A few pieces of any combination, high flexibility. Use close-up lens when not using aperture like teleconverters as decreases, so can increase from the mirror bolder.相关的主题文章: