Before the divorce, the man will give his wife in Dongguan room after the divorce to his ex-wife to

A man will divorce before the Dongguan real wife after the divorce to his ex-wife to real Hongkong a couple and two daughters together with Dongguan Dongkeng a house property. Before the divorce, the woman with the rubber stamp a gift contract will be changed to the daughter of the house property and all. After the divorce, the man will be his ex-wife on the court, said the donation contract signed, the ill in bed, confusion, donative behavior, unaware, asked his ex-wife return case involving real estate. In December last year, the Dongguan Municipal People’s Court of first instance verdict, finds that the contract is valid, rejected the appeal of the man third. After the first instance verdict, the man refused to accept the appeal. Yesterday, the appeal in Dongguan City Intermediate People’s court will choose a sentencing date. The man said the contract confusion Mr. Huang, 64 years old this year, April 10, 2003 and Ms. Zhang registration of marriage in Hongkong. March 2014, two people divorced. Before the divorce, in Dongkeng wells village, Dongguan City, Huang couple and two daughters together have a 125.6 square meters of real estate, two daughters each accounted for 1/3 of the property, Mr. Huang couple together accounted for 1/3 of property rights, namely two people each accounted for 1/6 of property. The house was presented to him by Mr. Huang’s parents in March 23, 2007. Mr Wong said that since 2005, he was in bed, life can not take care of themselves, the mind is not clear, the loss of civil capacity. After treatment, in June 2013, he was conscious, and then, his wife Ms. Zhang asked for a divorce. Mr. Huang said, he found that after the divorce, the wife in August 14, 2012 so delirious he in a ready-made real estate gift contract signed, the contract will be 1/6 equity share of his property in the gift of Ms. zhang. Subsequently, Ms. Zhang with the contract in October 2012 for the registration of real estate changes, real estate property rights change for Ms. Zhang and two daughters together. Mr Wong believes that the real estate gift contract is signed in his consciousness is not clear, do not have the capacity for civil conduct of the case, the signing of the contract, he was beyond the mental state can adapt to the civil activities, that is not his true meaning, the contract should be invalid. To this end, Mr. Huang filed a lawsuit to the court, requesting the court to order his ex-wife and signed the real estate gift contract invalid. And on the basis of the house is given by their parents, demanded the return of 1/3 of the original house property, worth $180 thousand. The first instance of the real estate gift contract legal and effective focus: when the gift contract, Mr. Huang in the end there is no capacity for civil acts? During the trial, Mr. Huang submitted a number of evidence to prove that he was suffering from cognitive disorders in the treatment of gift contracts, the total loss of civil capacity. Among them are the mental reports, medical reports, the results of the PAP index, the results of a brief intelligence test, and the results of Norton’s ratings, which were published by Lu Weiqiang, a lawyer in Hongkong. One spirit report shows that Mr. Huang suffers from vascular cognitive disorder, delusional jealousy disease, had made offensive gestures to his wife in mental disorders, and psychiatric hospital twice in Tai Po hospital stay time were ~3 months in January 18, 2013 1.相关的主题文章: