Because of her husband a did not come into your world first wife home after abortion

Because of her husband a "did not come into your world" first wife abortion after leaving the original title: husband wife missing for several days micro-blog looking for new culture news (reporter Tang Qi) – "where are you? I find you find good hard." 24, netizen amrpgbpwzs through the network to find lost contact with his wife, said his wife after the disappearance of a child for a period of 6 months after the disappearance of pregnancy, called on friends to help find. The release of information users surnamed Wang, Tokumegumi Hito, in his message said, "now in disarray, mothers are old, can not afford scriptures such a thing, you have to leave half a month, I traveled to Dehui Changchun and the high streets and back lanes, but can not find your phone. Also shut down, I’m going crazy, we get married for more than five months, these five months in order to make our home, baby have a better life, may ignore your care…… Forgive me for not being a good husband, but I’m sorry for the children I haven’t met yet. Think he’s about to be born. Do you know how I feel?" In the message, Mr. Wang asked for help: "now there is no way, I hope people can help me forward this micro-blog, so that more people know that I am looking for you, help me find you. My wife called Diao Shuangshuang, also of Dehui, 1.67 meters tall, plump face, want to know the news people contact me as soon as possible." According to Mr. Wang said that he and his wife had an argument because of their own words, I did not walk into your world." Mr. Wang said, this sentence makes his wife very angry, determined to knock down a child, the two people are persuaded, but his wife was adamant, later went to the hospital had the abortion drug family back, after taking the medicine and informed Mr. wang. To this end, the family rushed to the hospital Xiequan, "when a child is not destroyed." Mr. Wang said that in September 3rd, his wife to do after pregnancy check to go to a friend there, and then can not contact. In the meantime, we also had two or three contact, she and I said the child has been destroyed, is a girl." Mr. Wang said, he told the news, his wife was shut down, later said to go home well after the last call is two days before, only that he is still in hospital, but did not say where the home is not sure, then no news. "We are one family worried, I was very sad, her family are very worried." Wang said, hoping to find the whereabouts of his wife through the media, or clues. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: