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Baby cough runny nose? Don’t take it easy, it’s a good thing! Sohu mother and child in the autumn and winter in 2016 to come, and to the high incidence of respiratory diseases. Especially in recent years, air pollution, haze aggravated, adults feel bad, let alone the baby? The following circumstances, your baby has it? 1, the weather is easy to runny or stuffy nose 2, sometimes 3, sleep and snoring throat always feel phlegm 4, often cough 5, sometimes feel bad or not enough gas 6, the most terrible is that there is a loving home, mom or baby smoking Baba these symptoms do? Don’t panic, kangaroo mom told you, is the baby’s respiratory problems. In autumn and winter, all kinds of virus bacteria multiply rapidly, even healthy young people, it is difficult to avoid the occurrence of the disease, not to mention the resistance of children. Compared with the adult nasal mucosa of infants and young children are more sensitive to various external factors, and the nasal cavity is relatively narrow, more prone to runny nose, stuffy nose. Suffering from respiratory disease, airway mucosa edema, there will be a variety of inflammatory reaction, leading to cough and expectoration and even breathing difficulties and other symptoms. For healthy adults, you can choose not to use drugs, directly to their resistance to get through this period. But for the baby, the body itself is delicate, poor disease resistance, and nasal congestion, cough can let the baby look even worse, parents’ psychological suffering. Many parents will choose to immediately bring the child to the hospital for treatment, but bring the child to the hospital, the long row of teams do not say, what is more serious is that children may also be in the most bacteria environment caused two infections. So, unless there are more than 39 degrees, the baby have a fever cough serious even breathing difficulties, usually is not recommended for the baby kangaroo mom a little nose, cough immediately take the baby to the hospital. So, what method can alleviate respiratory tract symptom? In fact, you can prepare a home nebulizer for the baby. The working principle is through ultrasonic atomizer atomizer or compressed air to the liquid into small droplets, the baby may be wet through respiratory tract aerosol inhalation of saline can effectively relieve respiratory dry, but also can promote sputum discharge. If the doctor prescribed drugs to the baby, you can also inject liquid in the atomizer, when the baby is breathing these small droplets, the drug can be a direct role in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, avoid other caused by ingestion of drugs in the body, with long and slow condition, to reduce other organs the damage to a certain extent. In addition, long-term smokers or living in the area of environmental pollution people are likely to have respiratory tract dryness, throat pain and other symptoms, and even will have no sputum and other problems, can also be wet through respiratory tract aerosol inhalation of saline, promote sputum discharge. Atomization at home, there are these benefits: 1, do not have to queue up for treatment in the hospital; 2, time and money to spend less; 3, to avoid hospital ~ ~相关的主题文章: