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Know the HPV, it will matter to you – what is the mother of HPV Sohu? Perhaps treasure the mother to say, with this first heard of the Ebola virus, HBV virus (HBV), HIV virus (human immunodeficiency virus) wasn’t what two things, anyway, is the medical term. But we are the medical profession hundred-percent white. So what the hell is this HPV? What way? Want to toss something? Don’t worry, this is October and you were going on those things about HPV. Part1, HPV is what, three data tell you 1 three data to tell you, what is HPV. L more than 90% of patients with cervical cancer are infected with HPV. So infected with HPV means that the risk of cervical cancer increased significantly. L up to 80% of people will be infected with HPV. L cervical cancer is the second most common malignant tumor in gynecology. 2HPV’s huge family. HPV is the abbreviation of Human Papillary Virus, translated into Chinese is human papilloma virus. So far the HPV family has more than 100 members, and one of the most powerful is the HPV16 and HPV18 subtypes, because 70% of cervical cancer is caused by the two brothers. Part2, HPV virus will be how? Q1 infected with HPV virus will appear what symptom? Early general without any symptoms, a lot of people are found in the vagina when abnormal, gynecological examination can be seen in patients with HPV infection of cervical superficial inflammation or a small amount of leucorrhea. But in the middle and late will often have increased leucorrhea, fishy, irregular vaginal bleeding, sacrococcygeal, buttocks and thighs persistent pain worse, urination and defecation disorders and other symptoms appear. Q2HPV positive, affect pregnancy? If women suffered HPV in the road planning a pregnancy, the right choice should be dealt with HPV coenobium consider to baby; also note that in the HPV virus associated with reproductive tract infection (such as bacterial vaginitis, vulvovaginal candidiasis etc.) the case, should active treatment of complications after pregnancy at the same time; condyloma acuminatum caused by HPV, to consider the first pregnancy treatment of condyloma acuminatum. Q3HPV positive, really so terrible? Hear a positive result, girls tend to turn pale, then HPV positive, really very terrible? Not! According to foreign data show that 80% of women’s lives in the face of the chance of HPV infection, but in the case of normal body capacity, 90%~95% women will remove the virus from the body. Only long-term, sustained, high-density contact with HPV will cause cervical cancer. Part3: how to prevent HPV virus? (October): for the HPV virus, at present there is no effective method of treatment, so, the best way to reject HPV virus is prevention, prevention, and then!相关的主题文章: