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Automatic camera glasses, a U.S. Taobao was berserk price has no spectrum technology – Sohu today is the double 11, sleepless night is really for several cheap goods, but dizzy open twitter, found that the adorable line Snapchat glasses today also began to sell, do not know where there is a big ticket the beauty to turn their own video. The problem is that the $130 silk glasses, how to put the United States Taobao (eBay), the price is not so spectrum it?!! It’s not that I didn’t sleep well yesterday. Did you say that the big promotion is only sold at a discount? U.S. short video social networking site Snapchat started this morning by a yellow vending machine, began to sell their own intelligent hardware products Spectacles. This product is actually a low-cost Google glasses, turn on the switch can be directly to his glasses before shooting the video sync to his cell phone APP. Natural and easy to shoot a bike ride, walk, engage in a party when the video. The software company in this way to save yourself, really is pretty fight, moreover people glasses design but really cute, you with technology companies design connection VR glasses, from the appearance, is a heaven and a ground, VR glasses is simply ugly explosion, the great beauty the black hole! (crying) Snapchat the choice of sale way is full of thoughts, to the vending machine from a "snapshot baby" (Snapbot) the good name. The baby every day snapshot appeared in different locations, time and place for who do not know, but the company to engage in the activities of people will timely the information published on the website. Americans engage in hunger marketing to a little less than Chinese silly, but I really don’t know who will have to shoot a short video of 30 minutes spent 20 thousand yuan? This crazy world, I can only admit old!! Compile treasure more exciting content: hardware innovation ecosystem decided to overestimate the value of 4 steps to complete the formation of a hard team相关的主题文章: