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4 men sold fake brand pipe products, one of them was arrested and said they didn’t know 小坂めぐる

4 men selling fake brand-name pipe one after being caught unaware that several men gang up in our city, selling fake brand-name pipe, finally caught by the police. In May this year, I found that the business sector in the daily work, Yunyang area man Lee Sales of a well-known brand of pipe for counterfeit products. This batch of products more than 2000, worth more than 40 yuan. Then, the transfer of clues to the Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade Zhang wan. Zhang Wan Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade immediately set up a class survey. Police summoned Li according to law, but Lee refused to admit the crime, through the entire responsibility to his home Wang, said the product is counterfeit brand unknown. Wang, a 36 year old Jiangsu man, was a distributor of the well-known pipe enterprise. After more than 3 months of investigation, the police arrested Wang in September this year. According to the investigation, in May this year, Lee and Wang negotiated the purchase of the brand of the pipe, Wang is responsible for contact with goods, Lee responsible for sales. In May 12th, Wang knowingly Huangshi man Luo and Hu sold a well-known brand of pipe products for counterfeit products, is still significantly lower than the market price of more than 2000 root purchase, sold in our city. At present, the 4 suspects in the case were arrested for the crime of selling counterfeit registered trademarks. Scan code "big Chu Shiyan", see more wonderful content!

4名男子销售假名牌管材 其中一名被抓后称不知情几名男子串通一气,在我市销售假冒名牌管材,最终全被警方抓获。今年5月,我市工商部门在日常工作中发现,郧阳区男子李某销售的某知名品牌管材为假冒产品。这批产品2000余根,案值40余万元。随后,该案件线索移交至张湾公安分局经侦大队。张湾公安分局经侦大队立即组成专班调查。民警依法传唤李某,但李某拒不承认违法犯罪经过,将全部责任推到其上家王某身上,称对产品是假冒名牌不知情。36岁的王某是江苏人,曾是该知名管材企业的经销商。警方经过3个多月侦查,于今年9月将王某抓获。经查,今年5月,李某与王某商议购进假冒该品牌的管材,由王某负责联系货源,李某负责销售。5月12日,王某明知黄石男子罗某和胡某卖的某知名品牌管材为假冒产品,仍以明显低于市场价的价格购进2000余根,在我市销售。目前,该案4名犯罪嫌疑人因涉嫌销售假冒注册商标的商品罪,被警方刑拘。 扫码“大楚十堰”,查看更多精彩内容!相关的主题文章:

Star wardrobe door Huang Xiaoming Li Bingbing broke wages stars lying gun cosmax

Star wardrobe door Huang Xiaoming Li Bingbing broke wages stars lying gun source: Beijing Beijing time financial reporter Wang Zeling [] name star wardrobe, very loud sounds are inextricably relationship with celebrities and. The fact is true, by Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing, and other stars of the partnership established Star in the C+ round of investment of $1 million 800 thousand, while also personally for their platform for them in the VC. However, recently, Beijing time star wardrobe employees claimed that it launched in 2012 the electricity supplier enterprises, recently because of the tense capital, employees have 3 months did not receive wages, do not pay social security for five or six months. It was in a number of programs sponsored embezzlement in stark contrast. Star wardrobe stakeholders in an interview with reporters at the time of Beijing also admitted that they do have financial constraints, many times before promised to solve the problem of wages to employees, but repeatedly frustrated. Meanwhile, also told reporters at the time of Beijing, the company is financing, will be held in October press conference announced financing information, I hope you give a chance to breathe. Employees in March did not pay a social security is a half year, Beijing has not qualified to buy a house, the star wardrobe on the line in August 2012, positioned as a fashion class APP. After the line on "burn" title to fame. One of the most eye-catching is a 61 million 190 thousand yuan in a program photographed Bea Hayden and designer of the series of works of, shocked the investment community. Recently, Beijing time broke the news that he had received Star VC investment star wardrobe from May began to default on wages, wages in June until the year before the release of hair. Broke the news, said: Star wardrobe probably from May onwards began to default on wages, before the hair is 25 monthly wages. Is the beginning of drag back for ten days, dragged on for a month, month, June or September has just issued wages. After leaving now, July and August have not received wages, provident fund and social security is currently no casualties, in July and August did not pay social security, provident fund is March to June are not equal to say now, in March after the resignation of the provident fund is no attrition in the company is dragged, solve this week but there are no what sign." The source said that it has applied for labor arbitration, and he was the same as the resignation of about two dozen colleagues have applied for arbitration, labor arbitration, said the people will be handled before the Mid Autumn Festival wardrobe. But as of press time reporter, broke the news that the matter is still not processed. Beijing Times reporter contacted two have left and employees, confirmed the situation, one has to leave a few months ago said their employees provident fund has not led to downsizing of new companies to pay the provident fund. The internal working group. In addition to the star wardrobe in arrears of staff salaries and five social insurance and one housing fund, the Beijing Times reporter learned that the star wardrobe owed payment businesses. A payment owed to the merchant to the Beijing time reporter said that the star wardrobe under normal circumstances, the purchase price of two thousand can be raised, but from the beginning of April this year, even if it is also reported相关的主题文章:

Hebei provincial Party committee, political and Law Committee Secretary Dong Xiansheng, deputy gover pt100分度表ֶȱ�

Hebei provincial Party committee, the committee secretary Dong Xiansheng resigned deputy governor positions – Sohu news Dong Xiansheng, male, Han nationality, Jiangxi Yifeng people, born in February 1962, in February 1984 to join the party in July 1984 to work in the Central Party school graduate, Bachelor of economics. I graduated from Jiangxi College of Finance and economics undergraduate, former vice mayor of Yifeng Tongan County township government, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, Secretary of the Communist Youth League of Yichun; May 1988 served as Deputy Secretary of October 1992; Vice Mayor Gao An municipal government; in January 1995 he served as Deputy Secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor of high security; in June 1996 the high security secretary of municipal Party committee; Yichun prefectural committee, December 1996 high security secretary (from September 1997 to July 1998 the Central Party school youth class); in August 2000, the Yichun Municipal Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, Party Secretary of high security; in January 2001 the Yichun Municipal Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee; in February 2003 he served as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yingtan Municipal Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee; in November 2006 he served as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yingtan Municipal Committee, vice mayor (presided over the city the work of the government in December 2006 in Yingtan city); Deputy secretary, mayor; in March 2008 he served as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shangrao Municipal Committee, acting mayor; in May 2008 he served as Deputy Secretary of Shangrao Municipal Committee, mayor; in August 2011 he served as party secretary of Shangrao; in July 2013 the Hebei provincial government party members, provincial Party committee members, the Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy secretary of the party; Party members in September 2013 as assistant governor of Hebei Province, the provincial government, the provincial Party committee committee members, the Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy party secretary, director. December 2014 vice governor of Hebei Province, the provincial government party members, deputy secretary of the provincial public security bureau Party committee, director. March 2015 vice governor of Hebei Province, Party members of the provincial government, the provincial public security bureau party secretary, director. June 2016 Hebei Provincial Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, deputy governor, Party members of the provincial government, the provincial public security bureau party secretary, director.相关的主题文章:

No ordinary way! Lugu Lake to Aden classic foot through second – Sohu travel puritans pride

No ordinary way! Lugu Lake to Aden classic hiking through the second – tourism Sohu then the story of the first day, yesterday we started walking from Lugu Lake Yongning Town of hot springs village, night live in a mountain pastures between mouth and foot and the village house. Dial the sea there is not high, but at night, in fact very cold, everyone was frozen up, installed in the water in the bucket is a layer of ice, visible night temperatures have dropped to below zero. Early in the morning, the groom has to start up the fire to warm everyone from the tent in the drilling out of the fire. Outside the air is too cold, the sun’s peers are not willing to go out of the tent this is the house of the foot of the village, the field of corn harvest is over, a group of black pigs are still in the open space foraging. This is a relatively remote and backward village, no mobile phone signal as we go faster, the caravan behind us the way to the local villagers, the villagers are very enthusiastic, with our house foot village guide alpine pastures, once the summer passed, a green meadow, now fall somewhat desolate. These white buildings are the local schools and police stations, facilities are relatively good place. The side of the road and eight Wind Horse flag, the local people also believe in Tibetan Buddhism our caravan finally arrived, and we walk and mouth Mosuo villages in order to save time, at noon we cook instant noodles to eat seven people were cooking ten packs of instant noodles we walked a morning on the side of the road, all tired. To eat is also very enjoyable after lunch is to let people show signs of boring Road, there are 199 kilometers from Aden to the 199 kilometers, we go in a bitter roadside village is close to the rice, autumn is the harvest season is about to walk for an hour, came to the sheep, then are mountain that road is much more comfortable than the deep blue sky, A lot of dead lonely path in the forest village, which is an important source of local dense wood forests we walked into the original forest, the mountain valley in the valley we called duck duck mid camp, started a fire to cook there is a small river that flowed down the mountain, although the river but because it is sweet snow melt water, so cold, we in the river to wash dish meat, hands are frozen red. There must be a place where the camp of the river, which is the most basic guarantee, easy to wash food to cook for dinner today dish is beef stewed radish, beef stew plateau is not easy, but buy a pressure cooker! Tomorrow to continue the third day of the trip, please look forward to more detailed Raiders and Daocheng, Aden, welcome to pay attention to the cloud line outdoor public micro signal: yunxingclub相关的主题文章:

Autumn dress confinement 7 Notes polartec

Autumn dress confinement note 7 [Abstract] autumn is a season of the year the most cool autumn, how is the most comfortable? Today Xiaobian introduce moms confinement dress 7 autumn attention, hope postpartum mothers can comfortably spend this month. According to the traditional concept, the confinement should be "cover", meaning to wear, build, to avoid the cold, wind. This argument has some truth, because the new mothers postpartum frail, reduced immunity, compared with normal people are more likely to get sick, so be careful. But if the weather is hot, but also according to their own circumstances appropriate to reduce clothing, do not blindly cover, resulting in heat stroke. How to dress the yard? 1, the material should choose cotton, both warm and sweat. Postpartum body, the most common phenomenon is sweating, commonly known as "mattress Khan", especially in the nighttime sleep and wake up early when the most obvious, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, is the body in a sweat form elimination in pregnancy increased water. Therefore, new clothes must choose cotton, breathable socks, too. 2, should wear long trousers, wear thin socks. The outdoor sun can choose a short sleeved shirt. Usually wear long trousers and socks, especially after a shower. If the weather is good, you can go to the outdoor sun, in order to better accept the sun, the coat can choose half sleeve shirt, but be sure to do a good sunscreen. 3, pajamas to loose, if necessary, can wear socks to sleep. Some new mothers will be very careful when sober, but once asleep will kick the quilt, it is easy to catch a cold, the best way is wearing pajamas and socks. Abstract: autumn is the most cool season of the year, autumn is the most comfortable? Today Xiaobian introduce moms confinement dress 7 autumn attention, hope postpartum mothers can comfortably spend this month. 4, clothing must wash frequently change. Postpartum sweating, sometimes less than half the clothes pants were wet, do not bother to prepare some underwear and personal clothing, once feel uncomfortable at once down, to avoid the cold. 5, according to the weather, the appropriate increase and decrease of clothing, if necessary, with a scarf or hat. Encounter thunderstorms weather or temperature is not very high, if you want to go out in the sun, it is best to take a turban, to prevent cold. 6, the best cleaning clothes in the sun disinfection. Change the clothes can be cleaned as soon as possible, you can add some laundry detergent in the water at the same time in the water or the use of sunlight to disinfect the clothes. 7, when the weather is bad or living in a humid environment, and finally can use iron to dry clothes. This will prevent clothing for long periods of time, bacteria.相关的主题文章: