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Augmented reality contact lenses, see "black mirror" You’ll see. more cool technology – Sohu (photo: EGPL smart contact lenses, support AR function) hit the British drama "black mirror (Black mirror)" in live organic storage memory and derived from the cloud computing quantum level artificial emotion, or science fiction movies now in the plot, but the day will gradually come into people’s daily lives. Contact lens Google Verily branch of life science research is a kind of intelligent, the sugar content of this kind of lens by embedding the sensor of the continuous measurement of diabetes patients in tears, and real-time information feedback. If this lens and they are equally interested in artificial intelligence and cloud quantum computing integration, it is not science fiction series in that scene! In the field of intelligent optics, Google is not lonely, Samsung and Google in this research. Smart lens integrated micro display, camera system, transmit antenna, and a series of motion capture sensors, the most basic input interaction is the blink of an eye. Micro display directly to the image projected to the retina of the human eye, and then with the phone’s storage capacity, which is now on the market hundreds of smart glasses, do not want to think it all into the garbage. Of course, all of this is a conceptual design, Samsung and Google are the beginning of the year before they have this idea, they are now more practical product is VR compatible large glasses. But Samsung in the production of a few hundred dollars Gear VR, quietly registered in the country in the first Gear Blink trademark. "This is not a wink" action is useful in the mahjong table, "in front of" science and technology "money" limitless! (Figure: EGPL smart contact lens promotional video screenshot) last week, Snapchat released its own Internet glasses products Spectacles in a creative way, and caused no small shock in the United states. But after all, the function is simple, the real wearable golden age has not yet come. Paul compiled more exciting content: automatic camera glasses, a U.S. Taobao price has no spectrum was berserk MagicLeap Magic: open the new key to the world相关的主题文章: