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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Humid air in your home not only renders you uncomfortable but gives rise to a plethora of health related problems as well. This moisture coupled with compromised air quality provides a conducive atmosphere for mold spores, fungi and dust mites, and results in occurrence of mildew and mold growth. High levels of humidity can lead to severe allergies, hay fever, asthma and other respiratory problems. Mold spores are particularly nightmarish for allergy sufferers. When it comes to allergies related to dust mites, pollen, pets or mold, high humidity is the major culprit. Aprilaire Dehumidifiers help prevent all of these allergies, maintain the humidity level that suits you the most and allow you to breath quality clean air. One of the most favored allergy control products, whole house Dehumidifiers provide the best answer particularly to those who desperately want to get rid of mold spores and dust mites. Aprilaire Dehumidifiers enable you to control humidity to a comfortable level. Apart from bolstering your health, dehumidifiers prevent wall paint blistering, warping of wood, rusting of metal and condensation on electrical items, which are largely caused by high levels of humidity. Aprilaire Dehumidifiers ensure that your basement, room, bathroom or workplace does not emit a foul, musty odor by growing mold. How Dehumidifiers work Working on the principle that water condenses on a cold surface, whole house Dehumidifiers pull air out of the duct system and draw humid air across coils of cold metal. This results in the process of condensation and the water that is left after the process drips down into a drain pan within the Dehumidifier. The resulting low-humidity air is introduced back into the whole house duct system and thus the air is brought back to room temperature at a lower humidity. Based upon features and performance level, there are generally two varieties of Dehumidifiers available in the market Home Dehumidifiers and Commercial Dehumidifiers. Home Dehumidifiers are used to control humidity in houses whilst Commercial Dehumidifiers are meant for factories and offices and are load bearing dehumidifiers. It is very important to note that within the Home Dehumidifier category, there are whole house dehumidifiers and room dehumidifiers. Everyone is familiar with room dehumidifiers that plug into the wall and fill a tank or reservoir that needs to be dumped out periodically. The room dehumidifier is only effective in the room in which it is located. The major difference between a room dehumidifier and a whole house dehumidifier is that the whole house version dehumidifies the entire home and the water is typically discarded through a nearby floor drain or pumped out of the home with a condensate pump. There is no reservoir to constantly empty and the system can run indefinitely until it attains the desired humidity levels in the home. If you need any more information or have any questions as you consider an Aprilaire Dehumidifier purchase, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team via email by clicking here: I Have A Question As always, Thank You for shopping at DiscountHumidifiers.com. We sincerely appreciate your business. Will Housh Founder and President DiscountHumidifiers.com About the Author: 相关的主题文章: