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Angie Chiu beautiful cry Sheenah Wang Han show was caught cheating –   entertainment Sohu; Taiwan Fashion Show at the   cafe; Wang Han quiz   the stars see panda fans sister brother fan Qi became Sohu entertainment news on Friday, "we have come to the" Chengdu wonderful continue. The panda base, Chengdu college, West Village, is the stars this week the main base of operations, they see the pandas after reversal for the fans, whether it is the panda quiz game or "you heroes please Baoquan" lunch game, everyone is to exhaust all the skills but full of surprises, however. And to the village, facing the haute couture designer Guo Pei dazzling evening dress, in the face of handsome "X God" — show host and guide Zhang Liang, the stars became very serious, for "we come" this season’s T NTU show the gas field full of the most gorgeous, showing their side. The stars see pandas become many brother sister Wang Han Qi many quiz "water" in Carina Lau said the capture will go to one of the place is the Chengdu panda base, committed to show the local culture and folk customs of the "we come" is no exception. A guest arrived at the base in the morning, it was used on a pink blanket panda lying Panda baby attracted. The collective turned many fans sister brother, could not conceal his excitement, want to scream but dare not disturb the panda babies "dream". Through to the park, see the pandas are curved, the stars have to self release, Carina Lau sent Sheenah, Joe Chen magic of laughter; the day wearing a white T-shirt, jeans, wearing braces, double ponytail, like twins, two people taking photos of the panda, panda panda has self dialogue language ", and the troops went still unaware. After the panda quiz game, because the question is mostly in Sichuan, with Sheenah of Sichuan, son-in-law of Sichuan Wang Han the red team is ideally opportune, however, must draw Angie Chiu to answer questions, only two brains to prompt. The blue team Carina Lau piercing eye, see through all kinds of "cheating", will continue to two people into a corner: "you can’t pass (" collusion "meaning)!" The more we play more happy, with the panda’s close to make the stars shine, but also highlights the program called for caring for rare animals, the protection of the public nature of the concept. They "play" the game test guest stars tailored version of the game is the puppet was meals, "we have come to the" keep the most points of the game, lunch of Chengdu, "you heroes please Baoquan at Chengdu academy, happily launched. In the game, a character all guests choose three, as in the game code, when they were called to say they represent the characters do not eat chili, and asked another character to eat chili. During the game, constantly appear all sorts of conditions, someone reported a not in ten in the three people, people forget what characters, someone was sent to eat the mouth to eat pepper hemp that the next round is not sound. Ladies and gentlemen, "playing the game" (describing the people’s leisure, life, the ability to play the index, is a reflection of the ability to play a person) also highlights the funny game. Lunch tour!相关的主题文章: