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The people’s livelihood and income is the key to the economic transformation of Sohu and the people’s livelihood news information, is to reduce the burden of enterprises and residents of the actual incentive, these economic and social wealth creators, play ability and cleverness to create more social wealth, boost economic transformation and upgrading. Recently, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a forum on economic development and improving people’s livelihood and other work to listen to the experts and the responsible person of the enterprise’s opinions and suggestions, and clearly stressed that the fundamental purpose of development is to protect and improve people’s livelihood, solve the problem, to respond to people’s concerns, to meet people’s needs and add momentum. Following is the active fiscal policy clear tax clearance fees, will solve the problem, to meet people’s needs as an added impetus to development, this is not just a simple decision-making on the people’s livelihood work seriously, but the reform of view, view the important impetus to the development of inheritance, development and promotion. The economic development and improve people’s livelihood has been traditionally regarded as a problem of "chicken and egg": improving people’s livelihood is considered to be the result of economic development, only the development of the economy, the development of the cake bigger, in order to provide more economic and social resources to improve people’s livelihood, economic development can not keep up, can improve people’s livelihood facing the "passive water" danger, and the improvement of people’s livelihood provides an effective incentive mechanism for the development of the economy, expanding the economic development space and feasible boundary. This kind of traditional cognition, causes the economic development and the people’s livelihood to face the recessive "dilemma", namely develops the people’s livelihood first, or the economic development. For a long time, we put more emphasis on economic development and protection on the basis of improving people’s livelihood, and the problems of economic development in the relative priority order, and that the development of the economy, improve people’s livelihood is a natural problem. However, in practice, the two inevitably conflicts, such as in the government financial resources under certain circumstances, the construction of fiscal expenditure once is one of the most important economic development strength, and the construction of fiscal expenditure to a certain extent improve the livelihood of the people crowding out effect in different degree. After all, the fiscal revenue is vested, expenditure balance inclined to finance, it will reduce the field of public finance investment. Therefore, although after the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the decision-making has repeatedly stressed the need to promote the equalization of public services, to explore the construction of public service system of social security package, but to maintain growth and steady growth of the situation, investment in terms of people’s livelihood is indeed faced with the phenomenon of it. To meet the needs of the people’s livelihood is also to increase the development of the concept of power, can be said to be a major development of decision-making theory and development direction, is an incentive to improve the development of dynamic mechanism. Ignore the power of the incentive and restraint mechanism of development, development will be difficult to achieve the dynamic stability and predictability, will lead to will have the power to develop consensus, but the lack of consensus for action, and improve people’s livelihood is the actual action of market players consensus on effective incentive, which is an important part of the power supply side of the structural reforms needed to solve the incentive. How do you understand it? In fact, the government is to improve people’s livelihood, to try to provide protective security and transparency guarantees to all types of market entities, to provide public services to the private sector based society)相关的主题文章: