An Introduction To Accupressure And Various

Business Accupressure is quite old & its origins can be traced back to Ancient China. In this form of therapy, certain pressure points in the body are stimulated which provides relief from pain. Pressing the pressure points causes the body to release endorphins which provide relief from all kinds of pain. Accupressure, this science of healing deals with treating the main pain source not just the symptoms. Many people believe that an energy named as Chi is circulating 24×7 in our body. If the flow of Chi is restricted, it would cause pain. Hence, through Acupressure the flow of Chi in the entire body is regulated. Because of this, several chemicals are released which counter the pain. Some Common Acupressure Products Acupressure Shoes There is a cushion like material spread on the whole sole which provides great comfort and even absorbs the sweat quickly. For better comfort one can also create a hollow space on the sole to make a clear passage for air. Acupressure Slippers Acupressure Slippers improve your blood circulation and maintain your overall health. These are really beneficial to counter sleep disorders like Insomnia. According to Chinese mythology, foot is the second heart in your body. More than 600 acupressure points are in the foot. All this makes foot care an essentiality. Acupressure Rollers Chronic pains can easily cured by Acupressure Rollers without any side effect. The Acupressure Roller is very easy to operate and is extremely user friendly. Acupressure Mat An Acupressure Mat can also be called the bed of nails. It provides great relief from prolonged backache. It is highly effective in treating piles, insomnia and renal problems. The Kerala based MOHANS ELECTRONICS & ILLUMINATORS is a renowned Manufacturer of Electromagnetic equipment, Bio Medical Equipment, Acupressure Equipment and other Magnetic Equipment. The company has wide array of products like Electroconvulsive Therapy Equipment, Electrotherapy Machines , Sex Therapy Equipment, Electro Sleep Apparatus, Body Heating Pad, Blood Circulation Massager, Asthma Guard, Slim-up Beauty Pulse, Biofeedback Equipment, GSR Biofeedback Equipment, Car seat Massager, Kneading Massager, Foot Roller, Neck Massager, Sona Steam Bath and Neuro Muscular Revitaliser. The company is a reliable supplier of Acupuncture products like Acupuncture Roller, Acupuncture Slipper and Acupuncture Electro Stimulator. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: