An earthquake of magnitude 4.8 occurred in the eastern mountain area of California, China, and a str mentalist

The mountainous area of Eastern California 4.8 earthquake area widely felt strongly Beijing – China News Agency, San Francisco in February 16, the U.S. Geological Survey Bureau released information on the afternoon of 16, 5.3 earthquake occurred in eastern mountain area of California, after correction for the 4.8 level, wide area strongly felt. The earthquake occurred at three four p.m. local time, and the epicenter was located 10 kilometers northwest of the County pine tree, at the junction of the southeast of the National Park and the northwest of Death Valley National Park. Many people twitter posting on the USGS website and said he felt the shaking and shaking quickly and strongly, including state Sacramento, the central city of Fresno and Bakersfield. Because of the county patrol office said that there has been no injury or property damage report. Official records show that in March 26, 1872, because the Yorkshire region had a strong earthquake of 7.4, to 7.9, resulting in 27 deaths, 56 people were injured, the town only 59 houses were destroyed 52 buildings, is the most serious disaster after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. (end)

美加州东部山区发生4.8级地震 广泛地区震感强-中新网   中新社旧金山2月16日电 美国地质勘测局16日下午发布信息说,加州东部山区发生5.3级地震,后修正为4.8级,广泛地区有强烈震感。   地震发生在当地时间下午3时零4分,震中位于因约郡大松树西北10公里处,在优山美地国家公园东南,死亡谷国家公园西北的交界处。   许多民众在地质勘测局网站和社交网站推特发文称自己感受到了迅速而强烈的震动与摇晃,包括州政府所在地沙加缅度市、中部大城市弗雷斯诺和贝克斯菲尔德等地。   因约郡巡警办公室表示,目前没有接到人员受伤或财物受损报告。   官方记录显示,1872年3月26日,因约郡的孤松地区曾发生7.4至7.9级强烈地震,导致27人死亡,56人受伤,小镇仅有的59栋房屋被摧毁52栋,是仅次于1906年旧金山大地震的最严重灾难。(完)相关的主题文章: