American sea Amoy free postage rolling double eleven to save money raiders! kamikaze love

American sea Amoy free postage rolling double eleven to save money raiders! Lead: scouring the sea for control, high freight rates is unspeakable pain. Recently, Amazon Prime membership services landing in china. As long as the Amazon to buy a single order of 200 yuan, members can enjoy the free delivery of cross-border orders, the annual unlimited times, while also enjoying the domestic orders throughout the year zero threshold unlimited free distribution services. The United States from Amazon direct mail including 82 city China, is expected to be delivered in an average of 5 to 9 working days at present, Amazon launched the first Chinese limit price, only 188 yuan a year consumers can obtain membership services, consumers can also enjoy a 30 day free trial. Press eleven to save money to join Amazon Prime members in the end how cost-effective? Look at the small series of shopping list for you, to save the cross-border shipping costs are good to you, do not buy a lot of money to feel the loss. Chop the hand can not to double eleven! Kate Spade is a handbag, shoes change red light luxury brand, style is girl, love fashion girls must not strange. This leather bag, large capacity, strong practicability; color and very marked bow filled with pink heart girl. Focus on the blackboard – after joining the Amazon Prime membership, the freight alone will save 204 yuan! You don’t save this money, I’m worried about you! Kate Spade Kate Spade shopping bag shopping bag Amazon overseas purchase price: $1081 Amazon Prime membership save postage: $204 Rebecca recommended Minkoff bag is a new generation of Hollywood stars, with "high quality and inexpensive" best describe it. This chain is the popular Rebecca Minkoff models, compact design, but can fully meet the needs of commuting. This store with countless praise back home is always right, because nobody does not love it, not to mention the 41.5 yuan freight. Rebecca Minkoff Rebecca Minkoff Amazon overseas purchase price: $722 Amazon Prime membership postage savings: $41.5 fine winter coat texture is indispensable. Vera Wang in addition to the famous wedding, the daily appearance of women seems simple, but often have amazing effect of wearing, very popular with the middle class. This winter, how many people are turning Amway wool suede jacket? This Vera Wang coat cost-effective and good-looking, but also save 179 yuan postage, you could not buy? Vera Wang Vera Wang wool suede coat over wool suede jacket Amazon overseas purchase price: $1296 Amazon Prime membership postage savings: $179 BCBG Max Azria from New York’s first women’s brand, this dark grey wool coat is recommended for everyone. In addition to excellent texture, it cut very neat; leather stitching cuffs let coat 3相关的主题文章: