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"Ambush" Guizhou Premiere Xu Jia Liu Tingyu interpretation field lurker – Sohu Sohu Xu Jia entertainment entertainment news October 28th, produced by Guizhou radio and television Spy Drama "ambush" will be the exclusive premiere in Guizhou tv. The play brings together Xu Jia, Liu Tingyu, Tang Xi, Tian Zhong and other actor starred in strength. An important play as a tribute 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army, "ambush" mainly tells the story of a group of patriots in Chinese under the leadership of communist belief, and the battle of wits, finally completed the revolutionary mission story. The play in the real enemy crafted contest, two sides of each other is difficult to find the latent spy, the enemy between Ming and dark and you come to me, with the emotional changes of the characters, the contradiction and conflict escalating intensified, full of surprise. The strength of play acting and drama star Yan total value of stroke as a solid script Japanese spy drama, "ambush" abandon all may become the "Ray drama plot, for the choice of actors is to require more strength and Yan values coexist. Who appeared in "I am a commando" series, "the mysterious" hostage "sentry under the neon lights" and many other well-known war and military drama "tough guy" Xu Jia, in "ambush" as a "double agent" Yongkai stone, his bold and crafty and not lose poise, free in a dangerous environment. The play, he and the mainland actress Liu Tingyu as the "revolutionary power girl" Yuan Yuting, two people were involved in the war, the comrades developed into death parts of the partner, in the era of the torrent and personal feelings in the current struggle, steel into a pliant, successful audience for hysterics, dabeitaixi. Jia Zongchao handsome appearance of the play as a young Kuomintang officer, Yang Zhuoru, his character calm, courageous extraordinary. Not only in the first online shopping in the end, many also help brothers Yongkai stone in order to cover the revolutionary comrades even change danger into safety, at themselves in danger, which is called "Chinese brothers". At the same time, "ambush" in the role of women is also popular with young audiences, in addition to Liu Tingyu, the mainland actress Tang Xi Zhao Lanhui as a strength in the play, the surface is the identity of female officers, in fact she is a Japanese agent lurking in the intelligence office, specifically responsible for stealing intelligence. Shi Yongkai is also a superior, repeatedly to the army thorn action team has been the biggest enemy brought crowning calamity, Shi Yongkai to face, but also remain ambiguous relationship with Shi Yongkai. Su Manzhen and Qian Xuan as the delicacy, is a life-saving doctor, is actually a member of the Communist Party’s special intelligence officer is bow shooting master. And Yuan Yuting from a young acquaintance, a sister. Two people grow up to have joined the Communist revolution career, playing for the Chinese nation, the interpretation of sisters together, the benefit payments. Starring Xu Jia said, shooting at the functional works and other works of the biggest difference is the characters background and character than modern realistic themes, or more complex than idol theme, and from the modern environment we live far away a lot. In the grasp of this kind of subject matter will increase the difficulty of nature, each person in this period has a very complex character of the context, the context of events, as well as the historical background of major events, so careless.相关的主题文章: