Ambulance halfway oil shortage caused by the death of 160 thousand people were sentenced to death co

The ambulance halfway oil shortage caused by the delayed rescue death was sentenced to compensate 160 thousand Sohu news according to CNR reported in February last year, Xuyi Jiangsu County, Huaian City, a 5 year old boy from drowning, ambulance took place halfway oil and other faults, delay the rescue time, the boy died, the family claims. Recently, the local court verdict on the case. About 3:20 in the afternoon of February 26, 2015, Huaihe Xuyi County town of Fu Moumou 5 year old boy at home playing when accidentally fell into the water, then was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, sent to the children’s Hospital for treatment of Nanjing. When the ambulance through the Nanjing Expressway Liuhe South toll station, because the vehicle oil consumption stopped at the Citigroup camp near the toll station ramp. Relatives had to rush to Nanjing 120 requests for rescue, after 16 minutes, Nanjing emergency center sent an ambulance to find Fu Moumou and sent to Nanjing city children’s hospital emergency resuscitation room. After the hospital continuous rescue treatment, the boy died. Then the family sued the ambulance delayed referral. In September 29, 2015, according to the Xuyi County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine application, Nanjing Medical University judicial identification issued by the forensic submissions, the identification of opinion, Fu Moumou drowning after heart resuscitation is to restore their own heartbeat, blood pressure stable, but has no spontaneous breathing, coma. Sent to the children’s Hospital of Nanjing, the ultimate death of the rescue, in line with the poor prognosis of the development of ischemic hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, is the direct cause of the final death. At the same time the expertise report also believes that the Xuyi County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in the patient referral process, about 16 minutes of time delay, failure to ensure the normal operation of the ambulance, the way delay fault, and the death of patients there is a causal relationship. The cost of the court sentencing court sentence the defendant to the decision within 10 days after the commencement of the plaintiff’s Sheng Fu Moumou damage occurred because of a total of 163053.20 yuan, dismissed the other claims of the plaintiff sheng.相关的主题文章: