AI Zhiying silver polypropylene last night Qi diving days or will continue to decline crycry

Ai Zhiying: last night, silver polypropylene diving together or will continue to decline the client to view the latest market data released overnight in gold and silver by positive emotions and Fed officials hawkish remarks one after another under pressure, in recent times, the bulls have not accounted for most of less cheap gold, technically, maintain the weakening trend of the spot gold fell below triangle shape, has repeatedly tried to move also ended in failure, confidence in long suppressed, below the key at $1330, below may lead to substantial downward risk of gold. The Chinese silver, for example, this morning opened at 3714 yesterday, silver prices continue to shock down, below the recent 3750-3850 finishing range to around 3700, close to the daily entity negative column fell, the average volume of operation cycle continues downward, above the resistance level near 3750-3760 move to the next; hour period price sideways in the vicinity of 3700. There is a rebound trend may be modified, but the intensity is not obvious, once below the 3700-3680 line is expected to continue downward, the overall trend of weak run operation suggested that the rebound in the short; in August 25 silver focus on support: 3700-3680 August 25 silver focus suppression: 375-60 August 25th Chinese silver part suggestions: Silver 3740-3750 near empty, stop 3770 3700-3680 COMEX, the most active gold futures contract in December Wednesday (August 24th) volume increased, spot gold closed down 1%, at $1324.66 an ounce. Spot silver fell for fourth consecutive days, down $18.55 to $1.2% an ounce, the lowest intraday decline of $18.51 since June 30th. Last week, gold and crude oil led by the sudden decline in the commodity market, breaking the calm of the overall financial market. Spot gold fell more than $10 in just a few minutes, short-term oil prices sharply diving, the distributing decline were expanded to more than 3% and more than 2%. Crude oil, with Chinese disk as an example, this morning opened at 4720, the overnight PP fall sharply in EIA data significantly negative amount of mood, the rapid decline to test support near 4700-4680 down, close to the daily entity negative column fell, short-term moving average hook head down operation, and suppress the formation of around 4780, below the key note 4700-4680 line support is effective; hour cycle entity negative column fell after maintain sideways run, short-term index rebound correction needs above the primary focus near 3750-3760 resistance, the overall trend in the old to see the operation of the proposed weak run, to rebound short; in August 25 PP focus on support: 470046708 months 25 PP focus on suppression: 4750-4780 August 25th Chinese reference proposal: 4750 PP PP Near empty, stop 4785, target 4700-4680; Sina statement: sina.相关的主题文章: