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"Absolutely life guard division" Tong Zhang re to live up to the long march: ZhuangGe – Anhui Channel – the spirit of the deceased Martyrs Memorial people.com.cn China Red Army victory 80th anniversary key Gift Show "absolutely life" will guard division recently landed in CCTV prime time. "Absolutely life guard division" is about to more than 6000 in the majority of the children are the Fifth Army thirty-fourth division bear guard combat mission in March, a bloody fight, with faith and the spirit of sacrifice, the Central Red Army column behind to build a flesh and blood barrier, and the heroic troops for China the final victory of the revolution to almost all the teachers "sacrifice, to vote in favor of the Communist Party of Chinese with life and blood". More than 80 years later, the "life guard division" produced this generous and tragic history in front of the audience. In October 13th, director Dong Yachun, screenwriter Qian Linsen, actor Tong Zhang, actor Li Qiang visited people’s network entertainment "star face to face" column, chatted behind the scenes of this epic drama. This year is the 80th anniversary victory of the long march. Now, when it comes to the Long March, most people can tell some stories or some characters. Twenty-five thousand miles of long journey, in fact, there are many records have not been much recorded, it is also worth remembering. Recently the upcoming launch is a TV series "breaking back teacher" to tell such a history of the army thirty-four division of the Red Army hero heroic deeds. Tong Zhang is played by the hero’s army commander Chen Shuxiang, his utter devotion, leading the division fought to the end, his young life to the party. Tong Zhang said in the interview, through this shot, familiar with the hero, he is very admire. Although it’s a long time apart, I think the real gap is the living environment, and the law of human nature will not change much. I can deeply feel the valuable spirit in him." Tong Zhang starred in "sword" in "Wei monk" corner was known to everyone, the epic drama "absolutely life back in division" alone, is not a small challenge for Tong Zhang, how to reproduce the combat hero heroic of acting Tong Zhang tests and training. And he said, "absolutely life guard division" than "sword" is the legendary drama of the war, some individual rich colors. In history, the red thirty-four division is real. From the habit of shaping fictional characters, suddenly shaping a real hero in history, really excited and disturbed. Hold a reverence slavishly to approach him. "Play is not good, sorry with the spirit of the deceased." Different from the previous Tong Zhang starred in the role, Chen Shuxiang is a poet of the teachers, he is not only good at fighting, more human feelings, and finally he died a heroic death scene, will bring people shock and moved. And this touched already in the shooting, Tong Zhang deeply realized. With the filming, I found that the revolutionary spirit that I thought before was only on the level of thinking, not really feeling. When I’m really tearing this coat off and getting close to and feeling him, (we call the actor "attached to the soul"), I basically want to cry every day." Tong Zhang said that during the three months he had filmed in Jiangxi, he never understood why he wanted to cry. Until the end of the film, paralyzed in the home

《绝命后卫师》张桐再现长征壮歌:要对得起烈士在天之灵–安徽频道–人民网 纪念中国工农红军长征胜利80周年重点献礼剧《绝命后卫师》将于近日登陆央视一套黄金档。《绝命后卫师》讲述的是以6000多名闽西子弟为主的红军第5军团第34师在长征时承担后卫作战任务,一路喋血鏖战,以坚定的信念和不怕牺牲的精神,在中央红军纵队的身后筑起了一道血肉屏障,而这支英雄部队也为中国革命走向最后的胜利几乎全师牺牲,“用生命和鲜血来投中国共产党的赞成票”。八十多年过去了,《绝命后卫师》剧组把这段慷慨悲壮的历史展现在观众眼前。10月13日,导演董亚春、编剧钱林森、演员张桐、演员李强做客人民网娱乐“明星面对面”栏目,畅聊这部史诗大戏的台前幕后。 今年是长征胜利80周年,现在谈到长征,大多数人都能说出一些故事或者一些人物来。两万五千里的漫漫征程,其实还有很多没有过多记载的事迹,也同样值得被铭记。近日即将开播的一部电视剧《绝命后卫师》要讲述的就是这样一段我军历史上英雄部队红三十四师的壮烈事迹。而张桐饰演的正是这支英雄部队的师长陈树湘,他赤胆忠心,带领全师奋战到了最后,把自己年轻的生命献给了党。张桐在访谈中表示,通过这次的拍摄熟悉了这位英雄人物,自己十分敬佩。“虽然相隔年代久远,但我觉得真正有差距的只是生活环境,人性的规律是不会有太大变化的。我能够深切感受到他身上可贵的精神。” 张桐因出演《亮剑》中“魏和尚”一角而被大家所熟知,这次在史诗大戏《绝命后卫师》中独挑大梁,对张桐来说是个不小的挑战,如何再现战斗英雄的英姿是对张桐演技的考验和锻炼。他说,和《绝命后卫师》来比,《亮剑》是偏传奇的抗战剧,个人色彩浓郁一些。而历史上红三十四师是真实存在的。从习惯塑造虚构人物,突然塑造一个历史上真实存在的英雄人物,真是既兴奋又忐忑。抱着一个崇敬之情亦步亦趋地去接近他。“演不好,对不起师长的在天之灵。” 不同于张桐以往出演过的角色,陈树湘是一个有诗人气质的师长,他不仅善于作战,更有人文情怀,最后他英勇就义的场景,将给人们带来震撼和感动。而这份感动早已在拍摄时,张桐就深深体会到了。“随着拍摄进行,我才发现以前我所认为的革命精神只停留在思考层面、没有真正去感受。等我真真正正逐渐撕开这层外衣去接近和感受他,(我们演员叫“附魂”),我基本上每天都想哭。”张桐说,在江西拍摄的三个月里,他一直不明白想哭是为什么。直到拍完瘫在家里三天没有出门,才突然明白了,“因为我看到的不是空洞的符号,而是一个一个有血有肉的人,他们为了更多的人能够活下去,愿意牺牲自己。我被这种精神力量,每天冲击着只是想流泪”。 (责编:范晓琳、马玲玲)相关的主题文章: