ABC Chairman the golden age will end with a good bank debt to equity research splitit

ABC Chairman: the golden age will end with a good bank debt of the original title: Agricultural Bank of Chinese on ABC chairman Zhou Mu ice "13th Five-Year" development strategy for the butterfly transformation plan chart and "drawings" reporter: over the past ten years, the banking industry has been considered to be the golden period, but when the earnings growth rate fall from two digits to single digits, how do you see the current operating status of the domestic banking industry? Zhou Mubing: the current and future period, face downward pressure on the economy, the business scale of the bank gold period of rapid expansion, profit growth, competition pressure loose end debt costs, lack of effective asset, deposit and loan spreads narrowed, risk prevention and control of pressure, increasing income levels decline and competition, will become the bank normal. This requires banks must firmly establish a sense of crisis and sense of competition, the crisis as the machine, in the transformation of development. Therefore, the Agricultural Bank of China put forward the "13th Five-Year" period, to maintain strategic guidance, adhere to the strategic stability and continuity of the policy on the basis of "outstanding service three agricultures, stronger County, focus, and city group, synthesis, high return" three major business orientation, strive to become an obvious feature, efficient and convenient services, functional coordination, value creation ability of outstanding international first-class commercial banking group. In this regard, the Agricultural Bank of China will strive to achieve business philosophy, organizational structure, profitability, business processes, dynamic mechanism and business model of the six major transformation. Reporter: you mentioned the six aspects of business transformation, how can we achieve it? Zhou Mubing: for commercial banks, restructuring and development is like a battle. Both need to correctly understand and properly deal with the problems encountered in the transition, but also need to co-ordinate the demands of all parties. The Agricultural Bank of China urgently needs to do, is to optimize the adjustment credit structure, vigorously develop the light business capital, to enhance cross-border market service capabilities, the transition to a comprehensive financial services, the establishment of Internet financial based on business model, enhance risk management and control level. Data figure is a good service "three agriculture" reporter: the breakdown of this year’s report shows that the first half of the year, ABC County deposits grew 7.4%, 5.4% growth of county financial business loans, the stable development of the county, the future bank will be how to maintain the "three rural" business advantage? Zhou Mubing: for the three rural, commercial operation is the Party Central Committee, the State Council on the Agricultural Bank of China to carry out the three rural and county areas of the basic requirements of the business, the Agricultural Bank of China to serve agriculture, rural areas, and do a strong county. In recent years, the Agricultural Bank in the commercial service "three agriculture" has actively explored and achieved remarkable results, but by the characteristics of high risk, high cost, compared with the city business, the "three rural" business is facing greater challenges in terms of cost and coverage risk effectively make up. Agricultural Bank of China will always adhere to the service in place, risk control and sustainable business principles, the three rural and county areas to make the characteristics of the business, make advantages and make results. Reporter: you mentioned the future of ABC will achieve business processes, business model transformation, in the three rural business will be how to achieve the transformation to meet the three rural development of new demand? Zhou Mubing: 2010 – 2015 years, Agricultural Bank of China loans grew by a total of more than 90%;相关的主题文章: