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Travel-and-Leisure There may be nothing more romantic for a honeymoon than a trip to the French Alps for some skiing, swimming, spa treatment and relaxing. Couples can reserve a Three Valleys chalet and indulge in all of its wonderful amenities, usually within close proximity to the best peaks. Ski lovebirds can bring their own equipment or simply arrive and let the experts take care of all the necessary pro quos. While a tropical beach can make for a nice holiday, a ski excursion in Three Valleys can be much more invigorating, fun and unforgettable. Enjoy winter sports in the world largest ski area What better way to celebrate a romantic union than to hit the slopes as newlyweds? When booking a getaway in a Three Valleys chalet, couples will have the chance to experience several peaks and plenty of breathtaking mountainous views, as this is the largest concentrated ski spot in the world. Since the 1920s, this has been the place for skiers, hikers, mountain bikers and, more recently, snow boarders to revel in perfect snow and enviable spring conditions year-round. The ski season lasts from December to April, giving honeymooners plenty of time to plan the perfect romantic holiday on the slopes. Book a couples spa experience After a few days skiing together, a transformative spa treatment can be the ideal experience to keep you feeling fresh and limber. Fortunately, there are countless selections to choose from at nearby resorts usually just steps from your Three Valleys chalet. Facials are great for smoothing wind burned skin, while massages help stimulate and soothe sore muscles. Turkish baths are also popular, including steam rooms for warming up cold limbs and relaxing the mind. Try other romantic activities Spa treatments can be wonderfully indulgent, but the region offers much more outside these services. Local eateries have wine tastings to get a feel for delicious French libations, and many of the chalets have private or semi-private hot tub areas, where couples can meet others for a drink. Explore the luxurious Three Valleys chalet options When choosing accommodation near the skiing peaks in the Three Valleys, honeymooners will be most comfortable in their own private chalet. Ideally suited for couples that like cosy studios or one-bedroom cabins, each is fully equipped with the latest modern amenities. For an even more elegant and indulgent option, there are several catered chalets available in the region for couples that want to splurge on space, location and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Simply speak to a professional representative and they will be happy to assist you to plan the perfect honeymoon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: