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A mother in Japan, so that parents read the child! My mother is the Sohu overseas education group Ma Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, parent-child reading practice activities thanks to the community here and the 100 thousand picture book mom exchange enlightenment experience, let me the way we walk through the parent-child reading have the opportunity to sum up. On the 01 reading is to insist on victory over my first English memory chick Road, but it is still very difficult. I understand the most profound is the "stick to" two words. Regardless of others to support you or not, no matter how others taunt. Remember. About five months I bought the book Lara, cloth books and so on was all the while. When about one year old chick I bought a story book, there are people that I spend etc.. But time is the best answer. When the baby will give them a story, when the baby in the book put forward their own ideas, they will say the baby is great, how clever! Therefore, we must be strong, we must know how to adhere to the two words. 02 encouraged his father to join the enlightenment road will be more successful most of the father is not very active for the enlightenment education. As a mother must try to communicate with my father, let them join our camp. At the beginning of the story to my little enlightenment, her father is not very support. I have to keep about half a month, my girl will take the initiative to tell her story. And then I said you went to your dad, and asked daddy to tell you something. As time went by, her father began to support me. In short, no matter what resistance, Po mom must adhere to. 03 classification of reading, the Expo yesterday is just 2 years old eight months. Soon three years old. She has read all the books here. When we read, I will classify the books, so that we can find out what the child’s reading is not involved. Here are about 3 categories: the first category: a strong story of the story of the story of the strong reading books, whether it is Chinese, English or Japanese, are a lot of children at home tuen. So at night, her father and I have something to tell her story, treasure mother should have the experience to the baby story, she will always let you speak, and you don’t know what happened to you. So much store some excellent books, such as a variety of classic story books at all times and in all countries, the ugly duckling, pull out the radish, Cinderella etc.. The content is simple, sometimes your baby can read, then bought the 100, human flesh come from domestic, English and Japanese words to me or her father to read. The second category: the main purpose of the humanities popular reading material is to cultivate children’s interest in nature, history and geography, the effect is very good. She likes to see, look at the time will always say, this is why ah? What is this? (including Japanese, mainly to learn)!相关的主题文章: