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Health The cost of nearly all cell phone service plans will vary based on the number of phone calls that you make. Thats why you need to know if a postpaid or prepaid cell phone service plan is right for you. Prior to purchasing the first postpaid or prepaid cell phone service plan, you should first find out about the numerous types of cell phone service plans that are available. You should also monitor the time of day or night that you most frequently make your phone calls. The reason for this is that most cell phone service will be limited to something known as anytime minutes which mean that you can only make limited calls during peak hours. When you are considering cell phone service plans, you should also consider the amount of coverage you want. You need to know if the postpaid or prepaid cell phone service plan that youre signing up for is for nationwide, regional, or local coverage. It really doesnt matter if you dont travel a lot. However, if you do travel, you need to know what youre signing up for or else you could find yourself paying a rather expensive price for roaming charges. Remember that the cell phone service plans that have the best values are the ones that include free long distance calling. If you are still dont know which postpaid cell phone service plan you want after you have reviewed the numerous cell phone service plans that are available, then you may want to consider the prepaid cell phone service plan option. If you dont have consistent use of the cell phone on a monthly basis, the prepaid plan is probably the best for you. How it works is that you do is pay an amount of money upfront and then youll get a certain amount of minutes/time to talk on the cell phone. After youve used up all of your time in minutes, it is a relatively easy process to purchase more minutes/time. One of the advantages of having a prepaid cell phone service plan is that there are no contracts that you have to sign, although some of the telecom service providers may require you to fill in your details for security reasons. If you are unhappy with the prepaid plan at any time and for any reason, you can terminate the prepaid plan without any problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: