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Green energy? China youth employment fund set up – public – people.com.cn reporter (Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Li Lihong) recently, the China foundation for youth entrepreneurship and employment in Yunnan and Southeast Asia Finance Investment Development Co., Ltd. jointly launched the "green energy? China youth employment fund" established in Beijing. The fund size of 2 million yuan, mainly for the development of youth employment and entrepreneurship funding and held the first "green + Internet innovation and entrepreneurship competition vitality?". Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Xu Xiao, chairman of the China Youth Employment foundation. Xu Xiao issued a public partner to the Yunnan nameplate Southeast Asia Finance Investment Development Co., Ltd. Chairman Ma Junling at the inaugural ceremony, thanked the company support youth innovation and entrepreneurship. Xu Xiao pointed out that "public entrepreneurship, innovation" is the new economic norm, an important strategy to promote economic restructuring, improve people’s livelihood, youth is one of the most vibrant force. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the work of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, introduced a series of policies and measures to support entrepreneurship. Currently, a comprehensive deepening of reform, promote structural reform and the supply side of the Internet + action for young entrepreneurs to provide a huge stage of innovation. In recent years, the Communist Youth League to actively implement the central requirements, close to the young entrepreneurs demand, cultivation, through awareness of entrepreneurship policy support entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial platform construction, entrepreneurial organization cultivation and other initiatives, to support youth innovation and entrepreneurship practice, help many young people to achieve the entrepreneurial dream. The establishment of "green energy? Chinese youth employment fund", to provide more financial services for Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, to help young people realize the dream of innovation and entrepreneurship. He hoped that the two sides to strengthen the work plan, lay a solid foundation for cooperation. One is to pay attention to the Yunnan local advantages, especially based on the cultural characteristics of the ethnic regions, and help guide young people to join the practice of innovation and entrepreneurship, in the "demonstration zone" vanguard "radiation center" in the construction of the contribution of youth power; two is of special fund for public welfare and guidance, give full play to the fund leverage, leveraging more the social services for youth entrepreneurship and employment; three is close to the needs of youth entrepreneurship, strengthen project planning, green space construction, and further improve the service level of Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship. (Zi Rui, Jiang Qi: the early commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: