A Crisis Can Bring To Light Coping Abilities That Would Otherwise Go Unobserved-shishangqiyi

Business After thirty years of marriage, Evelyn discovered herself along when her husband asked her for a divorce. She had not seen it .ing and after dealing with the first wave of panic she decided she had to get a grip and see how she could cope with her new situation. Evelyn had not worked in years because she had devoted herself to raising the children and being a homemaker. That was alright for that time of her life but how could she manage now when the children were grown and lived away and her husband had chosen to leave her? The one talent she had nurtured was to create hand sewn items and donate them to charitable causes such as the school fairs and hospital fundraisers. As Evelyn considered her predicament she thought of a plan she sensed would be a good fit for working from home and still making money to help with expenses. She decided to form her own .pany making custom bags that could be ordered over the internet and delivered through the mail. She also specialized in creating large event bags that were often given to attendees at special affairs so they could fill them with samples and business cards from vendors. She discovered this was a business that filled a need and she became so successful that she had to hire extra workers to help her. The above story illustrates how a person can develop a business to be.e more financially solvent but there are other benefits that occur to that person as well. The ability to .e through crisis well changes the way a person looks at his or her coping skills. If the out.e is a good one then these positive feelings are created: Confidence in decision making: Frequently someone has not had the chance to make large decisions and this can be a fearful thing to do. When someone steps out on faith and takes a chance it can greatly impact their self confidence in a positive way when that decision turns out to be a good one. An increase in self awareness: People have reported that starting a business has hugely added to their talent of thinking things through in a whole new way. The challenge and hard work it takes to start and maintain a business can create an avenue for self-knowledge and new perceptions. A new vitality about life: There is something very stimulating and satisfying when a person knows that they have met a challenge and have been able to over.e it. Even if it has .e in the form of a personal crisis and maybe especially when it is presented in that way. A crisis helps a person discover skills that he was previously unaware of before the crisis. An appreciation for life: Interestingly, as a crisis begins to abate, it creates an appreciation and enjoyment that many times was lacking in our lives prior to that time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: