A bus rollover accident in Heilongjiang caused 4 deaths and the driver was arrested-qqzb.cc

Heilongjiang highway bus rollover accident caused 4 Dead driver was zhongxinwangzhongxinwang in detention in Harbin – 12 February, (reporter Wang Shujie Pei Hua) confirmed 12 reporters from Heilongjiang city of Harbin province Binxian County propaganda department, the same day at 8:48 PM, in the hatong highway (line) with bus rollover accident occurred 659 kilometers +500 meters. Caused 4 deaths, 5 people were injured. A preliminary investigation by the Harbin police department, the driver driving the black No. LE3007 Lo pass highway passenger bus (core set of 35 people, carrying 14), along with highway (subordinate) traveling from west to East, traveling to the section of the incident, the driver measures properly, the vehicle sideslip is rotated to the left side of the road road under the right side. According to the investigation, the driving safety of the driver is not guaranteed by the ice and snow road, and the measures taken to avoid the vehicle ahead are the important causes of the accident. The driver, Mr. Lu, as well as the conductor and security officer Liu, should have reminded the passengers to use the seat belt, but failed to comply with the law according to the instructions, resulting in 4 passengers who were thrown out of the car did not use the seat belt. Reporters learned from the traffic police department of Harbin, after the incident, the police dispatched a total of 70 police officers to the scene disposal. At present, the driver, Lu Mou, has been under criminal detention. (end)

黑龙江一公路发生客车侧翻事故致4死 驾驶员被刑拘-中新网   中新网哈尔滨2月12日电 (记者 王舒解培华)记者12日从黑龙江省哈尔滨市宾县宣传部门证实,当日8时48分许,在哈同公路(辅线)659公里+500米处发生一起客车侧翻事故,造成4人死亡,5人受伤。   经哈尔滨交警部门初步调查,事发时驾驶人芦某驾驶黑LE3007号中通公路客运客车(核载35人,实载14),沿哈同公路(辅线)由西向东行驶,行驶至事发路段时,驾驶人采取措施不当,车辆侧滑旋转至道路左侧路下,向右侧翻。   经调查,驾驶人芦某驾驶客车行经冰雪路面未保证安全车速,且躲避前方车辆采取措施不当,系造成该起事故的重要原因。驾驶人芦某以及售票员兼安全员刘某,本应提示乘客使用安全带,但未依法依规提示,致使4名被甩出车外的乘客没有使用安全带。   记者从哈尔滨交警部门了解到,事发后,警方共出动警力70人到现场进行处置。目前,驾驶人芦某已经被刑事拘留。(完)相关的主题文章: