A 37 year old man in Shenzhen loves a 18 year old girl to murder him for money. (video)-roxane hayward

Shenzhen 37 year old man in love with a 18 years old girl because of money from the mouth to kill Nandu news reporter Li Yakun in April 20th this year, only 18 years old girl Zengmou died in Shenzhen Bantian street, a rental. The 37 year old suspect Li Mouji today (November 10th) trial in Shenzhen City Intermediate People’s court, Li Mouji from 2014 continue to pursue Zengmou, the day of the incident, because the girl ask for 4000 yuan of money, two people from a quarrel, he murdered in hatred. Mouji suspects Lee, aged 37, from Henan, before the incident in Buji Industrial Zone restaurant. Li Mouji confessed that around November 2014, Zengmou and she met while working in a hotel, then began to pursue zengmou. But since then two people work at the same place, two people meet less. Before the incident, the girl in the work of Li Mouji is Sakata, work in phuket. According to Li Mouji’s confession, as before the incident two people met only seven or eight times, and never had sex. Daily two people mainly through the network connection. The prosecution presented two people chat records show that in court, Lee Mouji enthusiastic pursuit of the girl, but the girl is more lukewarm attitude, but often for various reasons to ask for money, red. The afternoon of April 20th, Li Mouji to Bantian girl rental rental. Two people first to the market to buy food, cook returned to the rental, after the meal, Li Mouji in bed. The girls are playing mobile phone on the sofa. The incident at 21 pm. According to Li Mouji’s confession, the girl said the sisters children full moon feast, she will go home, ask for 4000 yuan to the time, because not enough money, the girl was ordered to leave the room. It was raining heavily, she still want me to go." Li Mouji said, plus the night to drink some wine, in anger, the girl down on the bed, first grabbed his neck, and then the girl’s bag bag chain reined in the girl’s neck, see the girl lost reaction. He also got a stick from the kitchen, on the girl’s neck, then use the knife cut the girl neck two knife. After the incident, Lee Mouji fled the scene, returned to work in the dormitory, a bath to drink to sleep. The girl was found dead friend. Department of forensic identification showed the girl asphyxia complicated with neck arteriovenous injury in hemorrhagic shock and death. In May 2nd, the suspects were arrested. In court yesterday, Li Mouji admitted that the prosecution allegations of intentional homicide, he pleaded guilty, more said it wanted to comfort the dead the spirit of the deceased. Stringing people: Chen rebellion prize: $100 [] related men’s pursuit of female neighbor kuangkan failed its dozens of knives

深圳37岁男子恋上18岁少女 因钱起口角将其杀害南都讯 记者李亚坤 今年4月20日,年仅18岁的女孩曾某死于深圳坂田街道某出租屋内。37岁的嫌疑人李某记今天(11月10日)在深圳市中级人民法院受审,李某记从2014年持续追求曾某,案发当日因女孩索要4000元钱,两人起了口角,他在愤恨之中杀人灭口。嫌疑人李某记,现年37岁,河南籍,案发前在布吉一工业区餐厅工作。李某记供述称,2014年11月左右,她和曾某在某酒店打工时相识,自此开始追求曾某。不过由于此后两人不在同一个地方工作,两人见面比较少。案发前,女孩在坂田工作,李某记则是在布吉工作。根据李某记的供述,截止案发前两人见面不过七八次,且从未发生过性关系。日常两人主要通过网络联系。检方在法庭上出示两人的网络聊天记录显示,李某记热情追求女孩,但女孩态度较为冷淡,不过时常以各种理由索要钱财、红包。案发4月20日下午,李某记到坂田女孩租住的出租屋。两人先是到市场上购买了食材,回到出租屋做饭,吃过饭之后,李某记在卧室休息,女孩则在沙发上玩手机。事发在夜间21时许。根据李某记的供述,当时女孩称有姐妹孩子满月摆酒,她要回一趟老家,向其索要4000元钱,当时因为钱不够,被女孩责令离开房间。“当时雨下得很大,她还要赶我走。”李某记称,加上当晚喝了点酒,愤怒之下,将女孩压倒在床上,先是掐住脖子,再用女孩的挎包包链勒住女孩的脖子,见女孩失去反应。他还从厨房找来棍子,压住女孩的颈部,随后还用菜刀砍了女孩颈部两刀。事发后,李某记逃离现场,返回工作的宿舍,洗澡喝酒睡觉。次日女孩被朋友发现时,已经死亡。法医鉴定显示女孩系窒息合并颈部动静脉损伤失血性休克死亡。5月2日,嫌疑人落网。昨日在法庭上,李某记承认检方指控的故意杀人罪,他表示认罪,更称希望以死慰藉死者在天之灵。报料人:陈先生 报料奖:100元 【相关阅读】男子追求女邻居未果狂砍其数十刀相关的主题文章: