99Wuxi 3000 people grab housing property experts say 70% of foreign buyers (Photos)|Wuxi 3000 people grab housing property experts say 70% of foreign buyers (Photos)1

Wuxi 3000 people grab housing property experts say 70% of foreign buyers (Photos) Wuxi three thousand people robbed the stadium change sales offices, property experts say 70% for overseas buyers to surging news reporter Lu Ming less than a week, Wuxi again to shoot high land. The morning of September 12th, the total price of 4 billion 995 million yuan to competing in the Wuxi Lake plots, closing floor price of 16069 yuan per square meter, the premium rate of 169%, more than 3 billion 620 million yuan by the Wuxi Rong Chuang Chuang of the year the highest total record. Statistics show that the land is located in Wuxi Binhu District on the west side of the government, the nature of land for commercial and residential, land area of 124 thousand and 300 square meters, the volume rate of 2.5, the construction area of 310 thousand and 800 square meters, the starting price of 1 billion 860 million yuan, the starting floor price of 5984 yuan per square meter. The soil shoot attracted a total of Biguiyuan, poly, Huarun, Longhu, Xu Hui, R & F and other 13 housing prices, the scene is very competitive. After 170 rounds of bidding, which lasted 4 hours, finally see the outcome. Prior to September 8th, Wuxi has just been sold in Dingcun, new County South Landsea pipe lane two plots, the floor price reached 13582 yuan per square meter and 18050 yuan / square meters, day for two times, the highest price record refresh of land in Wuxi. "Wuxi is in Jiangsu province after Nanjing, Suzhou City, with Nanjing, Suzhou’s housing prices, land prices skyrocketing, some housing prices to acquire land in the city has been difficult to price, and with the Suzhou, Wuxi city effect intensifies, Wuxi in the housing and land is in the value of the depression, so some housing prices have to target in Wuxi such a good economic strength of the three line of the city." A central enterprise investment department official said. September 10th, Wuxi, a real estate market will be opened.   WeChat public number Wuxi headlines figure high land prices also led to the Wuxi real estate market is hot. According to chinanews.com reported that in September 10th, Wuxi opened a real estate will take place at the sports center can accommodate million people, too many people, I was told his wife was almost squeezed, never heard of the developers will open subscription in the sports center, there is much enthusiasm as can be imagined the Wuxi side of the house people." One property buyers say. According to sources, the real estate is just push the two floor, attracted 3500 people attended, more than and 400 houses sold out, a lot of people buy more than 6 in the morning to come up. Such as the price of more than the price, buy is to earn the slogan hanging in the stadium, giving a visual impact. More than the price of land prices, buy is to earn the slogan hanging in the stadium. Most of the houses have been marked with red tape. According to insiders, from the developers found a lot of customers, ultimately chose the opening in the sports center. The real estate 4, May, the average price of only 7000-8000 yuan square meters, this time to sell $15 thousand square meters. Market is not rational." Wuxi Housing Management Center released data show that the traditional off-season theory