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Check out the hotel after the hotel bed sheets will be cleaned it: there are 3 into the guests do not change, the hotel bed sheets will wash it? The results of an undercover shocking experiment…… Nowadays, people go out and pay special attention to living. However, the choice of a tall on the hotel, do not be naive to think that can sleep at ease. Recently, a survey of 9 hotels, of which there are as many as 3 of the sheets are not changed. Recently, the famous American TV show "insider news" broadcast a "undercover experiment" program, the selection of staff in the United States of New York 9 upscale hotel for one night. On the second day, before leaving the room, write a "I SLEPT HERE" on a sheet with a special fluorescent agent (I sleep here), and "LOGO" on the pillow. These words, the naked eye can not see, but it is easy to clean, but also easy to display in the UV lamp. The next day, the staff exchange with each other in the experimental Hotel, and this is done in order not to attract the attention of the hotel. During the test, the staff took the UV lamp sheet, if the message is not lost, that the bed sheets are changed, otherwise, there is no single change means that the bed. The final results were shocking. 9 luxury hotels, there are 3 hotels in the new guests before the arrival, and did not replace or clean the guests before the use of bedding. On the back of the Residence hotel in Manhattan, the Marriott group is on the back of the sheet, sprayed with this invisible special fluorescent agent, leaving "I sleep here" mark. Then the experimenter left and made the room look like he had slept. When members of the group were in the same room again, they found that the "invisible information" was still on the sheets. The three hotels are: Marriott Residence Inn (hotel); The Candlewood Inn & New York Times square; Suites (Candlewood Suites Texas City Hotel), which is owned by InterContinental Hotel chain hotel brand, has more than and 300 stores in the world, which in Southeast Asia has nearly 50 New York Central Park La Quinta Inn; & Suites (La Quinta Inn and Suites Hotel), one of which is the United States well-known hotel chain brand, in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Honduras have chain stores. Marriott a manager called to the room, do not want to see the first show in the UV lamp "evidence", insisted that each room sheets are washed every day, "I really don’t know what happened, why not change the sheets?" But then the manager said, "here are the problems we will investigate." "Insider news" Anna said: "it’s disgusting!" The user message seems to reveal the unspoken rules of the industry: I worked in a large chain of hotels, and engaged in hotel room cleaning work. In the training of how to clean up the room, the relevant director