98Women hate these five men|Women hate these five men7

The woman is the most offensive ranked first in the five types of men: Men race qualities: rudeness crutch "crutch" features: assumed as a pose, always trying to impress a woman is a man can accept violence tough attitude, and "male body tough, tough and wild men by absolute welcome in bed, but it different from the rough. Source: Oriental IC tough and wild man, his starting point is his object, and brutal man heart without each other, his self, selfish and arrogant, the paradox is that sometimes he is because of inferiority and arrogant, he do not care about the interaction between two people, to whom he is self verification tool. When more aware of their "no", he had to rely on demean women to comfort themselves. Mature advice: confidence makes a person calm, the pain makes a woman just want to kick a man out of bed. Do not use sex as a conquest ceremony, self-confidence, equality with women, which will make men more calm. Ranked second: white men race characteristics: good criticism Jasmine "White Jasmine" features: fragrant, but not with a grey dirty man on the bed, of course, will not be popular, but there is a man who is very clean, but still very hate, because they pay too much attention to details, touching a woman the chest would suddenly stop, observed her underwear is a piece of not clean stains; or is getting better, but small floating meat at the women on the waist laughed and said: "wow! Have you had a good time lately?" With this good criticism of the man to go to bed, women will certainly get nervous, unable to relax such circumstances, will lose a lot of confidence. Expert advice: learning self-knowledge. For this kind of man, the most important thing is to have the courage to have the wisdom to find their own tendencies, as long as self-knowledge, restraint should be much easier. If the bad credit in the financial sector, the bank will be shut, and record remind you don’t be cheated; but in the emotional circle but no such mechanism can prevent the credit bad evil man. So a woman can mouth, or allow yourself to make mistakes at once. What kind of man can be a woman’s refusal to come? Although everyone likes to be different, but basically if the following taboo, can not be discussed…… Ranked third: police men race attributes: love command "police" features: what will follow his orders to do cool men already have a strong desire to control, because of social education has been given to men "the winner is in" the pressure, but in fact where so much power? So some daily life in order to grovels man, put down all left to the bed, the woman around and commanding. But most women do not want to love sweet time, have to listen to the man said: "no command! Come on a little better……" If coupled with the one or two sentence: "ah! What are you doing? Idiot ah!" That’s even more disappointing. Cougar advice: the wind blows. Women are not slaves, nor are they born to serve men, two.