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Truth: milk cancer? Alarmist! Sohu (health experts: Xu Bing, the Capital Institute of nutrition nutrition delicacy lecturer, national public nutritionist) recently, a "grave" human milk article is speculation caused by large area raise a Babel of criticism of the masses, in a panic. However, milk really as the text said, is the killer of mankind? Rumors: milk contains hormones IGF-1, women drink too much will suffer from breast cancer, ovarian cancer, men suffering from prostate cancer and other cancers? Rumor: milk does contain the hormone substances, but the content is very small. IGF-1 is called insulin-like growth factor (IGF), which is an important protein in human body. On the one hand, there is epidemiological investigation showed that IGF-1 seems to have a certain relationship with prostate cancer, but so far there is no evidence that IGF-1 is the direct cause of cancer (Note: "there is a certain relationship" is not equal to will directly cause cancer). On the other hand, the amount of IGF-1 that is obtained from drinking milk is negligible compared to the amount contained in the human body. Moreover, after digestion and absorption of the human body, the milk in the IGF-1 after heating, digestion, absorption, no longer has biological activity in the human body, not to mention carcinogenic. The rumor that Professor Campbell’s experiment shows that casein in milk is a high carcinogen Rumor: condition condition and many people in animal experiments of diet in everyday life is different, therefore, the experimental results in animal experiments, and can not be directly pushed to the human body. Professor Campbell’s experiment is to allow the mouse to produce tumors – that is, in the state of health, and then fed to casein found that the deterioration of the disease. "Cause cancer" and "promote cancer progression" are two entirely different concepts. Second, simply feeding mice with a single casein, does not meet the principles of human diet diversification. We can’t eat only casein, a protein every day. Even in accordance with the recommendations of the Chinese people’s dietary guidelines, the recommended daily intake of 300 grams of dairy products per person per adult, converted down to a maximum of only containing 7.5 grams of casein. Adults need daily intake of protein is 65~75 grams, 300 grams of 7.5 grams of milk casein accounted for human daily intake of protein and a small portion of about 10%, and 100% with casein as mice food is fundamentally different. Finally, milk is a nutrient rich food, it is the role of the human body is the result of a variety of nutrients, and casein as a nutrient. According to the experimental results of single pure casein negative impact "on the body, further launched the" not only containing casein, also contains other nutrients of milk "on the same body or harm, is a bit too far fetched. (pictures from the network rumors): milk drink more calcium? Rumor: milk calcium is not high, but it is really our calcium jiapin. Milk is a rare source of high quality calcium, both a higher