98Chinese Import & export and foreign exchange surplus differences explain the new network reason – Of|Chinese Import & export and foreign exchange surplus differences explain the new network reason – Of4

Chinese Import & export and foreign exchange surplus differences explain why – official news agency of the new network in September 22 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhao Jianhua) China State Administration of foreign exchange (hereinafter referred to as foreign exchange bureaus) often project management Secretary Du Peng 22, said in Beijing, the customs import and export goods trade surplus and foreign exchange surplus, on the surface there is a certain correlation. But there is a big difference between the two statistics, if direct comparison, may produce a misreading of the judgments of international balance of payments situation. The same day, foreign exchange management policies on the foreign exchange bureau held a news conference, a reporter asked, the first 8 months of this year, far greater than the foreign exchange bureau Chinese customs import and export surplus foreign exchange surplus of trade in goods, which are factors of false trade. In this regard, Du Peng said that the two statistics point, different projects have different enterprises of foreign exchange and other behaviors also affect the statistical data. These factors have resulted in the customs import and export data and trade in goods does not match the data exchange between nodes. It is unscientific to judge the existence of false trade only by the difference of two data, and the two data are not comparable. Du Peng stressed that the current project management has been achieved electronically. From the current monitoring situation, did not find a large amount of funds through cross-border trade and cross-border arbitrage of false trade situation. Du Peng said that this year, the foreign exchange bureau to carry out special inspections for the import and export trade in goods, trade, payment of a large volume of business and the rapid growth of the region, a comprehensive verification analysis of cross-border capital flow anomalies including false trade, but also to strengthen the close cooperation with the customs, taxation and other relevant departments, to achieve data sharing and information sharing, mutual recognition and enforcement of law enforcement. Judging from the situation, there is no abnormal outflow of funds found in the case of large-scale outflow. (end)