9814 months, tens of billions of investment, he has the following understanding of life o2o – Sohu Tec|14 months, tens of billions of investment, he has the following understanding of life o2o – Sohu Tec8

14 months, billions of investment, he has the following understanding of life science and technology – Sohu Abstract: why O2O as a comprehensive service life of O2O leader Xinmei, half the valuation is only focused on the service life of a branch of O2O — travel — drops Uber valuation? Meet the conditions, meeting with new glutinous rice? Where is the crux of life service O2O? Can also have a solution? 14 months, invested tens of billions, Baidu Nuomi general manager Ceng Liang has the following understanding. From June last year, Robin Li has announced that Baidu Nuomi will invest 20 billion in the next three years, has been in the past 14 months, the industry in the period from the first national excitement, the U.S. group and to comment immediately and has cidaojianhong announced together, to a variety of negative rumors everywhere, the prospect of the industry seems dark, one of the most. The latest rumors, is undoubtedly a new market – new and old second glutinous rice — to be together. To this end, Yin Sheng (WeChat jia-zhi-xian) and Baidu Nuomi general manager Ceng Liang made a thorough exchange, this paper will select some published, you will learn from the following: why new leader in comprehensive service life as O2O the more extensive field, but did not focus on the valuation of branches in the field of travel drops of Uber? Why the leading position to push the United States mission accomplished, but has now become a "hot potato"? Why is life service portal still has the opportunity to achieve billions of dollars in market capitalization of the company? Why is life service O2O money in the business can be? Why not the edge of the new public comment, but should be allowed to return to the road right in the past? The new Baidu Nuomi and general assembly agreed to merge in what kind of situation? Why does Ceng Liang want to say, "Wang Xing’s suffering I understand?" The following is the interview text: Yin Sheng: today we will talk about the service life of the O2O industry in the past year some didn’t change and change, including everyone on the future of the industry seems to be from the blind pursuit of the first, start to doubt, although so far the market concentration has been very high, is also associated with, but we there is still no profit trend too obvious, including recently began to pass new large may be layoffs (of course they come forward to clarify the), and likely to merge new glutinous rice, and so on, this is the industry in a stalemate, in order to reflect the change. Ceng Liang: this industry to do such a large volume, especially precisely, the original eldest now together, a lot of people in the industry look, the combination of them seems to be will have a great force. But to this day, many people think, still can not clearly see this. Various adjustments indicate that we are still looking for direction. Take the valuation, when they merged according to $18 billion to estimate the value of the underlying O2O, we can get another main battlefield – drops and Uber, investors have given the valuation of 35 billion dollars, after the merger, there may be some deficiency, a little water is planing to point than life Tours