98 pregnant mother Li Na’s life trilogy; — public, family, school, sports, people.com.cn| pregnant mother Li Na’s life trilogy; — public, family, school, sports, people.com.cn1

  pregnant mother Li Na’s life trilogy;   — public, family, school, sports, people.com.cn original title: "when the volunteer pregnant mother Li Na’s life trilogy — public, family, school, children and husband Li Na". Photo correspondent Sun Jiahui met Li Na again, second times potbellied, his face filled with a pregnant mother iconic warm smile, from the usual sensitive, there is no sharp question, in the eyes of her husband Jiang Shan, completed the "daughter – wife – mother" metamorphosis trilogy, and about her life, she said now the trilogy is "public, family and school". The evening of August 30th, the Huangpu River, pregnant mother Li Na and her husband Jiang Shan to drink Budweiser wise charity Ambassador debut, pregnant again, Li Na said most of the word is "let it be", it is the natural calm and create a harmonious atmosphere between Li Na and reporters. At the moment, she and her husband, the children are all volunteers, "sensible drinking, refused to drunk driving as a modest. According to reporter Li Na, she is also good at "the master, when the athletes, every time he returned to Wuhan with a drinking buddy, dinner without him, only closed brothels, don’t talk about tennis. Drink to melancholy, is also a kind of feelings. Turning to the past, Li Na said: I go out with ginger, are a person to drink, another person to drive, not two people drink high." Today, pregnant mother nature doesn’t need drink heartily, she enjoy the small woman’s happiness. Today, the public film no luck on the official line, to convey to consumers without luck, refused to drink driving call. As the film director, Li Na jokes that he is "supervision", she cares about his image appeared in public welfare activities, "just as the movie said, do the athletes for so many years, I never thought of having ‘lucky’ these two words." Interestingly, now Li Na and Jiang Shan with the interview, "Tai Chi" is obviously husband than his wife high skill. Speaking to parents how to educate their children, Jiang Shanle cheerfully said, this should ask the child. "Not careful to marry him for ten years," Li Na replied, a face of happiness, hope for a second child is a boy or a girl, or that "with madonna". Today, Li Na’s life is three things, welfare, family and school, everything full of sound and colour, speaking of son experience, she said: "the public is the best fetal education." This is also the reason why she is willing to appear in public with her husband and children. (commissioning editor Yang Lei and Hu Xuerong)