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The Mid Autumn Festival to eat delicious egg not more! Sohu Zhang Li, Duan Yuzhong, Kong Fanmin, Wang Yu, Huang Yuqi, the PLA No.306 Hospital, Department of health care in the Mid Autumn Festival, many people love eating moon cakes, and some taste is preserved egg egg, known as raw materials including egg basic lime (CaO), sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) and salt (NaCl) lime, lime lime in aquatic mature, touch will generate alkali sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide and then will slowly penetrate into the egg inside, after amino acid and proteins will react to generate some salt, and the salt crystals deposited on the gel preserved egg egg white, egg inside the pattern is formed. Egg, egg, eggs, or preserved egg egg or egg base mud. Egg production is invented in China as early as 200 years ago, the Chinese people have mastered the processing technology of processed eggs, although there have been some imitators, but the products are not China egg flavor. It is a kind of delicious food, also has some medicinal value, Chinese medicine that can cure egg cold, sore eyes, toothache, high blood pressure, dizziness tinnitus and other diseases. Because of the convenience of eating, taste unique, loved by everyone. At the same time, some important materials or preserved egg dishes, congee, preserved egg lean meat gruel, for example, Tofu with Preserved Eggs with acid ginger preserved egg. However, it is worth noting that, occasionally eat preserved egg is harmless to the body, but if you often eat a lot of preserved egg, it will cause health effects. The efficacy and role of egg, 1 egg acrid, astringent, sweet, salty, cold, into the stomach; throat, to heat, sober, to cure diarrhea and other effects of fire, e.. 2, if you add vinegar to eat, qingrexiaoyan, Yangxin repose, nourishing body; for the treatment of periodontal disease, oral ulcer, throat thirsty. The bad: egg is composed of egg, preserved egg made of fresh duck’s egg. Preserved egg production required raw materials are mainly mixed with soda ash, lime, salt, tea etc.. The production process, in order to make the egg protein in the rapid condensation and shelling, also need to add some yellow powder, it contains a lot of lead. As a result, made of preserved egg would contain a certain amount of lead. If you often eat a lot of preserved egg, is likely to cause lead poisoning. Lead is a cumulative toxin, very slow in vitro, easy to form chronic poisoning, can also be deposited in the viscera and bone marrow. The absorption rate of lead in adults was 7%, while the absorption rate was up to 50%. For adults, lead invasion will damage the nervous system, digestive system, male reproductive system and affect the hematopoietic function of bone, and dizziness, fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, insomnia, anemia, low immunity, abdominal pain, constipation, limb pain, muscle and joint before menstruation and other symptoms. There are some metals in the mouth, arteriosclerosis, gastrointestinal ulcers and Fundus Bleeding and other symptoms associated with lead pollution. For children, because the brain is the development of nervous system in the sensitive period, the intake is higher than adult several times in the lead under the same environment, the victim is very serious, so the child lead poisoning occurs retardation, loss of appetite, constipation, insomnia and walking inconvenience; and accompanied by hyperactivity.