95Japan’s pension fund giant losses of $52 billion to abandon the debt to buy shares|Japan’s pension fund giant losses of $52 billion to abandon the debt to buy shares9

Japan’s pension fund giant losses of $52 billion to buy shares of sina to abandon the debt fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In the last quarter, the world’s largest pension fund – the Japanese government annuity investment fund (GPIF) investment assets fell sharply, for its massive purchase of Japanese stocks left room for. On the Japanese stock market plunged 7.4% in stock investment value has shrunk, and holdings of foreign bonds and foreign stocks decline in value, with $1 trillion and 300 billion in assets of the Japanese Pension Fund (GPIF) investment in the two quarter losses of $52 billion, or even higher than the previous fiscal year book loss $51 billion. However, despite the serious loss of investment in Japanese stocks, GPIF may still be forced to buy stocks, the reason is simple: the bond yields are too low. The Bank of Japan’s negative interest rates and super loose in the short term to raise the value of the GPIF held by the national debt, but lowered the yield. 10 year Japanese bond yields hit a record low level of -0.3% in July, GPIF on the Japanese government bonds, the fear of being shunned". GPIF held by the maturity of the Treasury bonds can no longer continue to buy new bonds issued by the negative interest rate, only to buy stocks and other assets. "GPIF has a room to buy," said Suzuki Eno, general manager of SBI securities in Tokyo. "These investors will buy shares when the stock market declines and the value of their assets is declining." GPIF stock holdings accounted for 44%, from the target ratio is also poor by the proportion of 5 percentage points, while the Japanese shares accounted for the total investment of 21%, accounting for the proportion of the target from the remaining 4% of the remaining $25%. For the size of the $1 trillion and 300 billion GPIF, which means that there are $53 billion to buy Japanese stock space. Given the decline in yields led to a rise in the total weight of Japanese bonds in its total assets rose to 39%, higher than the target level of, GPIF can also be reduced by $56 billion of government bonds. Beijing Business Daily reported that the integration into the Sina financial stocks] discussion