95Guangdong Media Chinese soccer no mortal fall – Gao Hongbo Sohu sports from the altar|Guangdong Media Chinese soccer no mortal fall – Gao Hongbo Sohu sports from the altar7

Guangdong Media: China football no blessed Gao Hongbo falls from the altar from Sohu sports a month before the draw with Iran team, national football World Cup ended unbeaten record in the "paradise" of Shenyang; last night in Xi’an national football team lost to Syria, the "land" Xi’an unbeaten Jinshen pierce. Chinese football since no place". 7 minutes, the referee of Singapore is enough time to make up, but can not change the state of a goal, reminiscent of the familiar "famous" – leaving the Chinese team is not much time. The sound of class. Xi’an fans will be crowded around the stadium Simon: "Gao Hongbo school, Lang Ping school!" Half a year ago, is also at the site, the last bus Orangemen miraculously catch World Cup Asian zone 12 of the race. That night, is a peak of the national football coach Gao Hongbo life, worshiped by tens of thousands of fans. Just six months after his mortal fall from the altar, which is Chinese football lethality. "We need a refund, but I paid 1500 yuan for the ticket. This performance, how can we afford these fans?" He denounced, while still holding up Chinese team scarf, also called a "China team, refueling". In the rain, all the people shouted, tears again in the city of wanton flowing. However, compared with half a year ago, the tears of happiness, Xi’an last night filled with sadness, heartache, helpless. Hate you, love you. When the bus pulled out of the hard foot stadium, followed by a bunch of fans, take a taxi to the hotel. Here the same heavily-guarded, do not have access to the players. More than 1 in the morning, a female fan still hovering downstairs, "I know not to see the players, but I hope the players can see me, then they will know that we are still in the Chinese support team, some of their heart will be painful." Yangcheng Evening News reporter Lin Benjian (from Xi’an)