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Good conditioning "menstruation" twenty-four words – Sohu health what is truth? The truth is no lie, is a subject of several generations of scholars have inherited the secret, which is the core part of a discipline. These twenty-four words I say inherited from old Chinese Anhui Qianshan County, Wang Ji old gentleman, that person is me. You know, women’s uterus periodic bleeding, the ancients to observe this phenomenon, find it with the seasons, migratory birds South wanes, very regular, and especially the moon January line loss is very similar, so it is also called water, menstruation, menstruation. General health of women after the age of 14, began to menstrual cramps, 46 ~ 52 years old, this phenomenon is stopped, this stop is called menopause. Normal menstruation, usually about 28 days cramps on time, of course 21 ~ 35 days once also belong to the normal. If early menstruation 7 ~ 10 days, 20 days to once, for two consecutive months are like this, this is menstruation. If not treated, is likely to develop into uterine bleeding, vaginal bleeding suddenly, or shower drain blood continuously. Therefore, early menstruation should be treated as soon as possible. So, how to treat this menstruation ahead? So, these twenty-four words would come in handy, you must remember: the early, hot and false. Early Tang, in addition to blood heat. Dan Xiaoyao, liver heat stagnation; Qi deficiency treated with Guipi decoction. The menstruation ah, is largely due to two reasons, one is the blood, one is Qi deficiency. Blood is divided into yin deficiency and blood heat, blood heat and blood stagnation of liver qi and Yang Sheng. Clinically often both, it is not easy to distinguish. They are common, there are red tongue, pulse number, dry mouth and throat and other symptoms. However, if yinxuxuere, tongue will rarely, even there will be no moss, brothers heart hot, red lips zygomatic red. If Yang is blood heat, constipation, short red urine, yellow tongue fur. These two conditions can be used to add and subtract the soup. Early Tang as follows: Rehmannia 6G Sichuan Angelica 6G drug 6G 3G 3G Anemarrhena Phellodendron Radix Scutellaria Coptis 2.4G 2.4G Chuanxiong 2.4 G gelatin (fried) 2.4 G 2.1g 2.1g 2.1g leaves of Rhizoma Cyperi Zhigancao 500ml of water, boil half fasting. The dose is not the actual dosage. If the deficiency symptoms in some patients, the need to increase students, Anemarrhena, gelatin dosage; if the patient is Yang Sheng heat, can increase the amount of baicalin and Rhizoma coptidis. So this is a very good recipe for blood, Yin Yang Sheng two kinds of heat are applied, using the mystery lies in the increase and decrease of "Yin" and "heat" of two kinds of drug dosage. If the liver heat syndrome, it will appear irritability ah, love to play a little temper, ah, Princess disease, and a series of emotional state. The body, breast, chest and abdomen to pain, a pain. This time the launch of the main party is Danzhixiaoyao powder. This stems from the "female danzhixiaoyaosan," a summary.