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Be bitten by dog Bukexiaoqu, learn how to help themselves! Health – Sohu (author: Zhu Diwen, science writer, original works, please indicate the number of public knowledge is power from WeChat) the day before, the domestic has been bitten by a stray dog death news, buddies, do you really know the rabies? It’s not enough to just sit down and watch the crowd! (picture from the network) 1 the severity of the dog bites the name of rabies is not unfamiliar to everyone, but the following many people may not know. Rabies is actually a very serious disease, a popular concept in the vaccine on the right, but the severity is more terrible than cancer, once the rabies, it means that the judgment of the death penalty, because its mortality rate is almost 100%, but the death sentence is not executed immediately, because there is a certain incubation period of rabies a maximum of ten years. In the face of such a terrible disease, the development of human medicine in today’s highly developed, the medical profession is still helpless. Although its mortality rate is 100%, also no treatment, however, the great scientist Lewis ·, the father of Microbiology; in 1882 Pasteur invented the rabies vaccine, rabies vaccine and rabies fatality rate is the same as 100%, vaccine effectiveness is 100%. Once bitten by a dog (after exposure), immunization should be carried out immediately, rather than wait. Here is a lot of online within 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, but in the 2016 edition of the Chinese CDC rabies prevention and control technology to guide this argument is not many hours of inoculation, the post exposure prophylaxis should be started immediately". The severity of the injury and the type of exposure need to be addressed to a more professional doctor. 2 people were infected rabies and how to parse a rabies virus in saliva of animal bites, copy the muscle tissue of rabies virus in the bite site, followed by motor neurons and axons reach the endplate of the central nervous system, according to the amount of virus, invade the injured area of motor neuron endplate density and virus close to the central nervous system of the distance. The virus incubation period from 5 days to several years (usually 2-3 months, little more than 1 years). (image from the network) to reach the nerve center of the virus, or to be cleared (this time because of the vaccine, the body has antibodies). Or you’ll get sick in 3 to 5 days. At the same time, the virus reached the nerve center, along the axon anterograde axoplasmic flow outward diffusion, thus the muscle spindle, skin, hair follicles and other non neural tissue infection of these sensory nerve, salivary glands, such as heart, lung and abdominal organs, only the virus from spreading to the central peripheral, sick human or animal’s saliva will have a virus. 3 how to save oneself after being bitten by a dog? 1. (pictures from the network) in the wound is not the case, immediately with soap and water and flowing water alternately cleaning the wound for at least 15 minutes; 2 with iodine or alcohol disinfection injury t