92Health must know! Drink a soup of liver cancer|Health must know! Drink a soup of liver cancer7

Health must know! Drink a soup of liver cancer mushroom soup, fresh scent of shepherd’s purse color taste collocation, with heat and spleen qi, calming the liver, reducing blood pressure and other effects, is heat cured good food Jiapin Jieshu summer. The specific measures are as follows, fresh mushrooms 200 grams, shepherd’s purse 50 grams, 50 grams of lean pork, ginger, salt, olive oil amount. Mushroom slices, mustard wash cut, ginger shred, pork chop at the end. Take the amount of water into the casserole, add ginger, boil, add a small amount of olive oil, pour mushroom slices, simmer for 2 minutes; remove the cover and add the minced meat and cooked, shepherd’s purse, plus a small amount of salt. TCM believes that with mushroom removing heat, spleen qi, clearing heat, bloodpressur. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin C, can prevent bleeding gums, promote wound healing, but also promote the absorption of iron, nourishing qi; potassium and magnesium, selenium and other mineral elements in straw is higher, can promote the body immunity; in addition The new supersedes the old., mushroom in the dietary fiber can slow the body’s absorption of sugar, the rapid rise in blood sugar inhibition of postprandial, is a good food for diabetics. Pickpurse there is heat and spleen, and water swelling effect. The content of C in the shepherd’s purse is still higher than citrus, calcium, potassium and iron levels were more than 5 times of Chinese cabbage, much higher than ordinary vegetables, rich in minerals can improve physical function, blood and bones, to keep the vitality of the young. In addition, Shepherdspurse also contains large amounts of crude fiber and flavonoids, can reduce blood fat, protect the cardiovascular, cancer, and inhibit the absorption of poison, poison eduction in promoting liver metabolism, protecting liver. * (Associate Professor of nutrition and food research center of Third Military Medical University, Chang Hui)