91Three new board has been to the fine management of the time|Three new board has been to the fine management of the time5

Three new board has been to the fine management – Cao Zhongming as the previous week, three new board market listing of the total number of enterprises reached 8415. Among them, the agreement transfer of 6802 enterprises, making the market transfer of enterprises in 1613. In addition, there are 2225 listed companies to declare and pending. Data to witness the extraordinary development of the new three board, but in the back of the unconventional development, but also exposed many problems. The face of the new three board listed companies in the number of blowout, the previous extensive management has not adapted to the implementation of fine management is the development trend. Due to the low threshold, the new board listed companies uneven in quality the phenomenon is more serious than the Shanghai and Shenzhen motherboard. Threshold is undoubtedly a small number of new board listed companies abnormal growth of a large number of low quality and inefficient enterprises among the new three board market, the overall reduction of the quality of the new three board listed companies. Three new board, such as the rich and the poor, the phenomenon is very serious, the current market value of the new three board 80% concentrated in 12% of the enterprise, and some listed companies have no market price, and some long time no deal with zombie companies. In recent years, the A-share market has turned into a high A landscape, 10 to send the transfer of the eye is no longer attract the attention of the world, the transfer of the transfer of 20 or even to send the transfer of 30 of the 10 is also very common in the. Relative to the A shares gaosongzhuan, three new board last year Nintaus food and Cowin 10 to 90 this year, Jun real biological launched 10 RPM 150 high transfer program, enough to make A shares of listed companies related to shame, and intent to send high behind what is there is no need to say. In addition, the new board related enterprises have also caught the front foot to buy financial products, the bad habit of financing. As listed in February last year, a new three board company, has set up three times to raise funds by 1 billion 729 million. This year the company plans to come up with no more than 1 billion of the funds to buy financial products, the actual purchase of financial products for its current funds have reached up to 891 million. In order to regulate the use of funds raised on the new board, the national stock transfer company issued the "FAQ listed company stock issuance (three) – to raise funds management, special provisions, the subscription agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the special type of listed company financing "Q"). "Q" clearly stipulates that in addition to the financial enterprises, the new board will not fund-raising for stocks and other derivatives, Switching Company bonds transaction, nor entrust financing or lend any financial investment. Q & A in the three new board to raise funds for the use of the set of "magic" at the same time, so that the real intention to raise funds into the real economy is very obvious. Three new board management to change the road of refinement, the primary problem is to improve the access threshold. At present, the new three board listing called quasi registration system, in fact, no difference with no threshold. To improve the access threshold, not its profitability, performance and other aspects of the A shares of par, but at least the revenue threshold. In addition, the more important point is that the new three board listed companies to meet certain requirements of corporate governance structure, such as those of the company’s corporate governance structure, the three will not be standardized operation of the enterprise, it should be banned from listing. As with the motherboard, three new board also set up the mechanism of survival of the fittest. Three new board does not mention the profitability of listed companies to raise the requirements, but its theory