91Ross initially did not believe the Bulls abandoned to help New York playoff|Ross initially did not believe the Bulls abandoned to help New York playoff1

Ross: I do not believe that the first time the Bulls abandoned the playoffs to help New York again in the playoffs can bloom in New York? Sina sports news Beijing time in August 25 Japan media reports, despite the continuous hurt a marked decline in the state after the Chicago bulls traded Derek Ross decided on [micro-blog] is not very surprising, but as a person, a beginning or feel hard to accept. "I couldn’t believe it, I began to feel hurt, this is behoove, leave my home, leave my children and family at the same time, no matter who you are, this will make you affected, so emotional." Today, the identity has become a Nicks star star point guard, Derek – Ross said. Ross entered the League after the third season won the MVP award, when he looks, not be traded. However, a series of injuries deprived him of his ability to exercise, but also to determine the bull in the other direction. "I don’t know why, but I want to say thank you." Ross had to participate in the new club, said the team welcomed the conference, said Nicks. In the bull of eight years, in spite of peaks and valleys, Ross still regrets, but for a new chapter is about to open the occupation career, the 27 year old defender is excited. During the interview, he said he would do everything possible to help Nicks for the first time in four years playoff. "I’m going to a great market, a city that loves basketball, and even basketball has been formed there." Ross said, "they like the players who play hard, and I think my personality is good for me. I am an effort to play, willing to compete for all the players,." Last season, Ross played 66 games for the bulls, averaging 16.4 points, 3.4 rebounds and 4.7 assists. (panda)