8The main group and AA say more than friends dinner at the checkout all ran|The main group and AA say more than friends dinner at the checkout all ran

LZ and several friends say AA dinners checkout when all ran dinner original title: say good friends and AA system should pay the whole person out of the golden newspaper news (correspondent & nbsp; Li Ji & nbsp; reporter & nbsp, fanglei) from Henan Province a few days ago, Mr. Zhou can be said to is made head of injustice, and friends dinner, say in advance of the AA, until to pay when dinner table users run the cleaners, watching the boss handed over the list, all of a sudden, drunk he wine woke up more than half. Zhou is Henan people, 35 years old, working in Ningbo for some years. He has a WeChat group, the group which are some online friends know, some have seen a few times, some of them are used to shake a shake, search near the understanding. In January 17th, the main organization all out party activities, cost of aa. Week Mr. Zhou went out to participate in the event, and more than and 10 friends went to a KTV singing. Although a lot of people, this is the first time meet, but the atmosphere is pretty good, in accordance with the contract, the singing of money everyone equally over to the main group to buy a single. Sing the song, a group of people who have enough, so he went to the Shiqi street a stir fry restaurant for dinner. Which ultimately push cup lamp, light is opened 12 bottles of wine, Mr. Zhou had completely drunken. Over a bottle of wine drunk, eat at the same table users began trickling out, of course, is an excuse, toilet, telephone, in short not long after, a table of people only drunk Mr. Zhou people. "People have gone, I have to go." He said to himself. Is Mr. Zhou got up and ready to leave, hotel boss stopped him, "Sir, trouble you buy orders, kick off more than 800 yuan." Look silly standing Mr. Zhou, hotel boss is straightforward, said: "your friends have left early, it is estimated that won’t come back." Jiujin, Mr. Zhou said that only pay a meal, his desperation, the police boss. When less than 9 o’clock in the evening, the police Shiqi duty Wu Zhijie police rushed to the scene, understand the situation, Wu officer let Mr. Zhou took out mobile phone just to eat with friends. Fortunately, the group of friends and one or two is met a few times and being number, and Mr. Zhou pulls the communication record find numbers played in the past, began to each other on the phone is connected to the, very soon hung up his phone, then played in the past directly display shutdown. At this time, a discerning eye to see that the meal group of friends is not going to pay, but next week Mr. had to pay out of pocket bought a single. Editor: Liu Debin SN222