89Before the Games admission of a new staff to cooperate with the Department of cardiac arrest rescue |Before the Games admission of a new staff to cooperate with the Department of cardiac arrest rescue 3

Before the Games admission of a new staff to cooperate in the successful rescue of multiple cardiac arrest – Sohu health click on the top of the No.3 Hospital of Peking University can subscribe oh! The morning of September 24, 2016 9, the movement would enter the No.3 Hospital of Peking University once a year, waiting for the parade of a young male workers suddenly fell to the ground unconscious…… rushed to the emergency department doctor Zheng Kang and Wang Yang arrived at the scene, identify patients for cardiac arrest, began to implement the chest compressions and mouth resuscitation immediately. Then rushed to the emergency department Guo Guo and Dr. Wang Bin also put into the rescue. With 4 people taking turns to perform CPR, the heart rate of the patient was restored, but then stopped again. Time is life! Hospital ambulance arrived at the scene quickly. Emergency department of more than one side of the doctor while continuing cardiopulmonary resuscitation patients will be transferred to the emergency department emergency resuscitation room. After arriving at the emergency department, the proximal tibia of the right lower limb of the patient was rapidly established as the marrow cavity infusion channel. ECG monitoring just connected, which shows that patients with ventricular fibrillation. Fast implementation of the law of electricity! At this point, Zheng Yaan, director of emergency department came from the playground command rescue…… In the rescue room, followed by patients with repeated ventricular fibrillation, the bone marrow cavity with antiarrhythmic drugs, repeated cardioversion in 6, 9:31, half an hour after the emergency rescue, patients finally restore their own heartbeat. However, heart rate recovery is only the first step to success. The first problem after the recovery is a serious metabolic acidosis, so, the patients with fluid replacement, alkali, vasoactive drugs…… At the same time, vice president, director of cardiovascular medicine Gao Wei, deputy director of the Department of ultrasound, echocardiography room head, deputy director of cardiac surgery, Zhang, also rushed to the resuscitation room, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, Dr. Feng Xinheng, deputy director of Guo Lijun. Echocardiography showed that the left ventricular motion was reduced and the ejection fraction was only about 40%. At this time the patient has begun to slow arrhythmia, the condition is still very critical. Dean Qiao Jie, party secretary and other leaders came to the emergency resuscitation room, Jin Changxiao. Emergency department, cardiovascular medicine, cardiac surgery, respiratory medicine, neurology, central laboratory…… Multiple departments responsible for emergency consultation, the relevant functional departments of emergency coordination. After an emergency consultation, decided to immediately put a temporary pacemaker…… Pacemaker driven, the patient’s heart rate, hemodynamic status has improved. The patient, who eventually entered the CCU, was given the body membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support therapy. With the parents rushed to the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, see the hospital on the emergency treatment of children, very moved. It is understood that the staff of the contract staff for the No.3 Hospital of Beijing University, less than a month into the post. Previous history of myocarditis. The night before, with a friend to the late night around 2, combined with physical causes, induced cardiac arrest. The patient is in stable condition. Due to the current lack of general public knowledge of cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the general public, coupled with public places in vitro static removal